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4 Ramadan Cartoons We Are Nostalgic About



Every year with the approaching of Ramadan, we start to get all these new drama TV series trailers; and with all these ads, we got a little bit nostalgic about our Ramadan rituals and habits growing up. Back then when we waited every year to watch the new season of our favorite cartoon. And since we are feeling extra nostalgic with Ramadan coming, we are remembering our favorite Ramadan cartoons:


Of course, Bakar is on the top of our list. The very first season of Bakar was aired back in 1998. It is about an Egyptian boy living in Upper Egypt, and he goes through different adventures with his goat pet, Rashida. The legendry Mohmed Mounier sang the theme song of Bakar; and it is for sure was a big hit that it is still stuck in our heads till that day.

This Ramadn, a new season of a more animated version of Bakar will be aired on TV

AlMaghmron Al5amsa:


AlMaghmron AlKhamsa is originally a crime book series that was a hug hit back in the 70s. Decades later, AlMaghmron AlKhamsa was turned into a cartoon TV show. The five unique characters and the catchy theme song made that crime cartoon show truly unforgettable.

Zaza W Garger:

That was such a unique puppet show aired on TV during Ramada in the early 2000s, the show featured the two main characters Zaza and Garger who took on so many crazy yet funny adventures.

Super Henedy:

Super eh? Super Henedy! That cool cartoon show made its debut appearance in Ramdan 2007. The characters were inspired by many talented real-life actors; however, it was a crime show yet extremely funny. Of course, the two main characters were voiced over by the super stars Mohamed Henedy Tala’t Zakria always granted us a good laugh

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The Egyptian Film ‘Photocopy” makes it to London




The Egyptian Film “Photocopy” made it to London and is set to screen on the 13th of December, the movie was first premiered at the Gouna Film Festival and was awarded the Golden Star for Best Arabic Feature Narrative Film. 

The film is written by Haitham Dabbour, directed by Tamer Ashry and starred Mahmoud Hemeida, Sherine Reda, Farah Youssef, Aly Tayeb and Ahmed Dash, among others.

The plot revolves around an elder man who led a normal life as a data-entry typist in a governmental job and was never married. When he decides to retire early and opens a photocopy shop, his life takes a new turn and he manages to change the depressing reality of his lifestyle. 

Dabbour explains that the movie tackles issues that concern the elderly and thus opening new topics that were portrayed in the Egyptian cinema, he also added that it was challenging for him to try and maintain high artistic sides and still make it entertaining for the audience. But it’s fair to say that he successfully achieved that; seeing how the script got nominated for the Sawiris Cultural Awards, and it should be praised for he has been working on it since 2013. 

Hopefully the film can create more hits during its screening in London and generate more admiration not only to the script, but to the overall work of the crew that will reflect the Egyptian creativity in filmmaking. 

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Rami Malek, Egypt’s pride and joy!




Rami Malek’s nomination for a Golden Globe, leaves us once again feeling proud! 

Rami Malek got nominated for a Golden Globe award as Best Actor in a Motion picture- Drama, for his role in this year’s hit, Bohemian Rhaosody, as Freddie Mercury. The movie is also nominated for the Best Motion Picture, but we all know who we will be rooting for during the awards, Rami Malek! The Egyptian heritage, who got to perform such an iconic role in a movie recommended by the whole world. 

Malek explained during an interview that in order for him to nail such a role, he actually watched Mercury’s original 1985 Live Aid performance more than 1.500 times! Talk about persistence ladies and gentlemen, can we be more any proud? 

He also added: “That’s something we tried to get move for move, even just gesture for gesture perfectly.

“It felt like I had it in my bones and I didn’t want to keep going back to it. It felt like sometimes you would lose a little bit of the authenticity if you tried to nail it so perfectly.” Rami Malek is nominated along with other outstanding celebrities, Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born, Willem Dafoe in At Eternity’s Gate, Lucas Hedges in Boy Erased and John David Washington in BlacKkKlansman. But we hope to celebrate his win nonetheless, and soon! 

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El-Deif makes Egypt proud at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival




El-Deif lands its first Award in the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

“El-Deif” a movie directed by Hadi Elbagoury and written by journalist Ibrahim Eissa, took part in the 22nd Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, making it the first and only Egyptian film to be participating in such a worldwide competition. The film didn’t only make it to a full house screening during the world premiere, but it was also granted the Public Award.

The film starred Khaled El Sawy, Shereen Reda and the uprising young faces, Ahamed Malek and Jamila Awad along with the guests of honor Maged El Kedwany and Mohamed Mamdouh. The plot revolves around a young man who goes to a family dinner and events escalate from there in an odd and unpredicted direction.

It’s important to highlight the fact that the festival is an A-rated one and it presents around 250 film and 300 short and animated movies, this is why such a participation and win is a huge deal and gives Egypt utter pride to be witnessing Egyptian movies making it to worldwide film festivals.

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