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5 Reasons Why Your Crush Is No Longer Interested In You



We cherish it when we feel some sort of special connection with someone. You don’t feel special connections with people every day, which most of the times drives us to act a little bit insane and creepy in hopes to get that person with the special connections. However, in many cases we end up losing that person before we even start dating them exclusively.

So, before you creep out the person you like, and sit there wondering what went wrong, here are the possible actions you need to avoid:

Coming on too strong:

The following scenario is based on true life events: You saw someone for the very first time and you feel a spark. You go to them, talk, exchange numbers and the night ends well. What happens next is you call a lot, text and maybe go as far as telling that you like them so much even before going out on an official date. You might believe that former scenario says that you are nice, but in reality, it says you are a creep. Coming out too strong scares people away.

Don’t rush things and slow down.

Being too available:

Maybe you are leading a busy hectic life; but the moment the person you like texts, you throw everything away and become too available instantly. If you don’t show your crush that you have a life, you have plans, you need to get other things done; it might not work with your crush. Being too available all the time gives the false impression that you are someone who is needy with absolutely no life.

Too much enthusiasm:

It is cute to have butterflies and get excited when interacting with your crush. However, too much enthusiasm can be a turnoff to some people, specially if they are not acting as excited.

Be cool.

Doing all the work:


We can agree that you need to make effort to impress someone you like, you need to show them that you care. But, doing all the work and always going the extra mile doesn’t make you someone particularly interesting. You need to give the other person a chance to figure out what they actually and act accordingly, they need to make effort as well.

Sharing too much too soon:

Although it is nice when you feel comfortable enough to open up to someone, you need to filter what you share. Sharing too much too soon about yourself will probably leave the wrong impression about you. If not that, you are not leaving a room for the other person to ask you questions and truly get to know you.



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10 Essentials Of Being In A Good Relationship (with anyone)



Being In A Good Relationship


Falling in love is natural but keeping the love going requires effort. The early stages of a relationship can feel exciting, lovely, and effortless but trying to retain the swept-away feeling of romance/ friendship involves enduring effort and compromise by both partners. When you have just entered into a relationship/friendship, all you want to know is if you are going to have a good bond with your partner/best friend. So what is the key to a good relationship? Read below.

  1. Appreciation and respect: Try to give out a foundation of appreciation and respect when you want to establish a good relationship/friendship. Give attention to what your partner/best friend says and does. A happy couple/besties always tries to take the opportunity to say thank you to each other whenever a partner does something thoughtful rather than just pinpointing mistakes.
  2. Honest: Honesty creates trust. To form a good relationship/friendship with your partner/best friend and to become emotionally connected, all you need to do is to reveal your secrets and factual experiences that you don’t share with some else. It is about telling the truth to your partner/best friend so that he or she can rely on what you say, and understand your words as you try to express them directly. But it doesn’t mean that you need to share things just to hurt them or for the sake of spilling out your guts. Honesty in a relationship or friendship is not to consciously give misinformation.
  3. Exploring interests: Try to dig into each other’s interests so that you can have a long list of things that you two could enjoy together as best friends or partners.
  4. Listening: Listen, listen and keep on listening more. The first step to make your bond stronger is to understand your best friend/partner and listen to them without interruption. Nowadays in our overbooked lives, listening is the biggest challenge since we are always lost in our own thoughts.
  5. Communication: Communication is a crucial factor in any kind of relationship because if you don’t talk to your partner or best friend about how you feel or any certain situation, many things could go wrong and they’ll misunderstand you. If you are hesitating to open up and talk about things to your partner then you don’t have a good relationship/friendship with your partner/best friend. Communication is key.
  6. Never hold grudges: When someone you love hurts you, learn to forgive than holding grudges. Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities of a friendship or relationship and if it isn’t there then everything will fall out of pieces.
  7. Actions speak louder than words: Constantly saying “I love you” is amazing but showing that you actually love your best friend/partner is beyond indescribable. Show them that they actually mean something to you rather than just saying it.
  8. Be loyal: As much as possible, place your partner/best friend in your life before anyone else. Show them that they’re special unlike any other in your life. Let them know that you can be depended on if something is needed, show them that you care and you’ll always be there for them.
  9. Never reminisce on the beginning of the relationship/friendship instead of looking to the future: Every relationship/friendship has its highs and lows but thinking of the old times would just make you can’t stand them anymore and you’ll feel that they changed when in fact, they didn’t. The relationship/friendship just started getting into the next level. Always move forward and never look back.
  10. Accept their flaws/imperfections and insecurities: Never ever point out their flaws. After getting to know them more, you’ll see their flaws and imperfections standing out but always show them affection and love.

Always be there for your partner/best friend and love them unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

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What Are The Traits That Girls Actually Look For In A Guy?



Girls Actually Look For In A Guy

There’s this theory that says girls don’t really know what they want in a man/guy. They want something and the exact opposite. For instance, she wants him funny but not too funny that he uses jokes in the middle of a serious conversation, or she would want him hot that her girl-friends get jealous but not hotter than her so she won’t constantly try to beat him in looking better or one second, she would want him to text her and make time for her and the next, she would want her own space and personal time alone.

Every girl has something different she looks for in a guy, but certain characteristics that matter more than others. While the first thing girls notice is a guy’s appearance, a guy’s personality will quickly shine through.

Girls are never sure what they really want in a guy but for sure they’ll need some of the things that are mentioned below.

  1. Attractiveness: Dress well and look good no matter where you are. You never know when you’d bump into the woman of your dreams. It’s a simple tip, but something almost all guys never focus on. Groom yourself well with quality man products and complex perfumes that smells great on you.
  2. Be assertive: Women love a man who’s not fickle minded. Have an ego and believe in yourself and your decisions. As hard as this may seem, be the man who can put someone else in place when they overstep the line or misbehave with you.
  3. Good sense of humor: Making a girl laugh can heighten her attraction, as laughter is a natural aphrodisiac. Being funny can set a guy apart and make him appear more attractive, easy to relate to, and easy to approach. Laughter also increases positive feelings, so girls will automatically think more highly of a guy who makes them smile and laugh. The Art Of Charm says, making a girl laugh will make you memorable and create a lasting attraction. It takes less than a minute for a girl to know if a guy has a good sense of humor while having a conversation with him. And that’s all you need to impress a girl. All girls know that a guy with a great sense of humor can be a lot of fun over dates or phone calls. Have a light hearted and fun approach towards life and try to look at the bright side all the time.
  4. Charming personality: Who wouldn’t like a guy who knows how to charm a girl? A charming personality is everything, but yet it’s not something most men have. In fact, meeting a man who knows to charm a girl is a hard task for any woman. Improve your body language around women and learn your manners around them.
  5. Good body image: Go build those biceps and those six packs. When you work out, you look healthier and smart, and clothes look good on you. If you want to attract a girl at first sight, you have to remember that appearances do matter. A lot.
  6. Confidence: Confidence is probably the number one thing that girls look for most in most of guys. A guy who is self-confident has high self-esteem and believes in himself. This quality makes a guy more attractive because he genuinely feels good and likes himself-and girls are seeking these qualities in themselves. Girls especially love confidence because being around a confident guy makes them feel like he can be counted on. Confidence is a great trait to have for any man. It’s an inner strength that’s seen and envied by anyone you meet. A confident man is more attractive to women because he believes in himself and his abilities, and he doesn’t tuck tail and run when he knows he’s right.
  7. Good conversationalist: Girls love to engage and communicate, so a guy who is willing to have long conversations or who is a good listener will set himself apart from the rest. Developing conversation skills might mean learning how to listen, thinking up good questions to ask girls, and showing girls that you like them for more than just their physical appearance. also reported that girls want a guy who listens to what they’re saying and not saying.
  8. Action taker: Girls adore guys that are action takers not only speakers because actions do speak louder than any words said. Show her that you’re capable of taking care for her.
  9. Good manners and respect: Most girls are impressed by guys who have manners and respect her. Just do nice things. Hold the door open for her, offer your jacket when she’s cold, listen to her and make an effort to find common interests (bonus if you find you’re both passionate about some of the same things!). Make your interactions about her and try to put her at ease as much as you can. Everyone wants to feel respected, says speaker, radio host, and author Dawson McAllister’s, and that especially goes for relationships. Guys can show girls respect, he says, by never pressuring her sexually, never talking down to her, pointing out her strengths, being respectful to the other important people in her life, and more.
  10. Amusing: Guys with a special talent become instantly popular and likeable, even if they may score low in the other departments. For example if a guy can play the guitar and woo an audience with his melodious voice, girls will definitely drool. If a guy can play the violin like a superstar, he will definitely have a following of girls who are into music. Special talent is always hard to find and is bound to draw a following. Get the point?
  11. Dependable: Being dependable is probably the guy’s ability to help her out in times of need, back her up in an argument, speak to her on the phone whenever she wants and hang out with her when she’s bored. Also helping her out with important issues and being there for her is important. be the guy who can be there, no matter what. Mr. Dependable is always in demand and dependability is a trait that every women like their man to have.

These are the most common traits that any women are looking for in a man. Guys remember to always look good and be confident; confidence is key. Good luck!


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Six Reasons Behind Girls Always Choosing Bad-Boys Over The Good Ones



bad boys vs good boys


What’s so special about bad boys when there’s good and nice boys out there? I still don’t understand the concept of choosing a bad boy over a good and nice one. It’s exactly like choosing mangoes instead of tomatoes but what’s funny is after pealing off the mango’s cover and taking the first bite, the mango turns out to be sour as hell and you start regretting about why didn’t you just eat the perfectly colored tomato.

Girls really don’t know exactly what they want but something most girls could agree on, they always have crushes on the “bad boys”. Whether it’s their charm or the way he treats girls or how he doesn’t really care so girls always go for the wrong guys when in fact, the right guy is waiting patiently for her to notice him.

Obviously, some of the reasons women have romantically pursued bad boys probably have more to do with self-esteem issues and the fact that bad boys, for whatever reason, are usually hot as hell. That said, it’s been scientifically proven that women choose bad boys over nice guys due to a mixture of hormonal, psychological, and evolutionary reasons.

Here’s how biology influences women to pursue bad boys, and why bad boys always seem to get away with being horrible.

  1. Ovulation Makes Women Think “Hotter” Men Will Make Better Mates Than “Dependable-Looking” Men: Not all women ovulate. If you do ovulate, however, that could be part of why you keep dating bad boys. Even if you’re ambivalent or uninterested in having children, ovulation hormones actually can cause you to mistake bad boys for good fathers. As Live Science reported back in 2014, “Under the hormonal influence of ovulation, women delude themselves into thinking that the sexy bad boys will become devoted partners and better fathers.” After ovulation is over, however, we tend to favor the “nicer” guys once again. Awesome.
  2. Women Are Drawn To Bad Boys Because Of Their Commitment Issues: narcissistic bad boys are not the commitment type, which makes them the ideal choice for flings. This doesn’t mean all nice guys want to marry every single girl they date, but with bad boys, you pretty much know they’re going to bail at some point. So if you habitually date the non-committal, bad boy type, it might be because you’re not ready for a committed relationship yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of commitment, if that’s where you’re at. Studies have shown part of the reason why women frequently prefer bad boys over genuinely nice guys is because bad boys seem more exciting and adventurous. As Psychology Today explains, “with respect to short-term mating, women may be drawn to ‘bad boys’, who demonstrate confidence, stubbornness, and risk-taking tendencies.”
  3. Some Women May Choose Bad Boys Because They Feel Vulnerable To Violent Crime: This is one of those ones that is obviously really problematic and filled with exceptions. But according to recent studies, women who believe themselves to be in greater danger of victimization — even when their likelihood of being victimized isn’t significantly high — tend to prefer “physically formidable and dominant mates” (PPFDM). So for some women, the attraction to bad boys lies in the potential protection they can offer — whether or not the women in question actually need their protection to begin with.
  4. Probably More Bad Boys That Good Guys: There may be more bad boys in the world than there are nice guys, which makes it easier to accidentally fall in love with one at some point.
  5. The Lure Of Authority: John Townsend  found that, when shown a series of photos, women were quick to say they didn’t find the men dressed in fast-food uniforms attractive, even when the models were good-looking. However, responding to the photo of the least handsome man (wearing a smart jacket, designer watch and described as a doctor), 40 percent of the women said they would happily marry him, and 64 percent were willing to date him.
  6. It’s An Ego Boost: For some women, having an intimate relationship with someone in a leadership role can be a supreme self-esteem boost.

Now you know what’s the reason behind women always choosing bad boys over good ones but take care girls, they’re not trustworthy but they’re cool and adventurous. There’s something about the bad boys that makes the good girl falls in love.


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