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8 Affordable Spots in Heliopolis With the Best Food & Drinks



8 affordable place in heliopolis

Heliopolisers! This one’s for you, it’s for all the times you find yourself stuck without a nearby place to run to when you need to grab a bite or go for drinks with friends. We didn’t include the extra fancy sites, though, we tried to make this as simple and as affordable as possible. Enjoy!

1. Il Mulino

Alcohol: no

Il Mulino is the number 1 go-to spot for Heliopolis residents for these reasons: It has fast wifi, a menu with a wide variety of choices, a really nice bakery and pastry, an outdoor area, a smoking area, a smoking-free area & finally, an extremely friendly staff.

2. The Kiosk Burger

Alcohol: no

The Kiosk Burger is a very chill place in Almaza that specializes in mouthwatering burgers that you can add nearly anything to, toppings wise. They also have a community table, a concept that isn’t very common in Egypt but, definitely should be,

3. Yokal

Alcohol: no

Yokal is a place famous for its perfect mini Sojouk & Kebda sandwiches. The menu isn’t that sizeable but the food is yummaaaay.

4. Tree Trunk

Alcohol: no

Tree Trunk is the ultimate Bohemian Sanctuary located in the heart of Korba. Wherever you decide to sit, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art. The place is spacious, dimly lit, has an outdoor balcony area, a great menu! though I’d suggest more beverages & fast wifi. I definitely 100% recommend the mussels pasta!

5. Il Divino Pizzaria

Alcohol: Yes

Il Divino is a really nice new pizza place in Korba that opened up about 2 months ago, following the success of the original Zamalek branch. The pizza is top-notch! And you can have a beer with it, too!

6. Zarour

Alcohol: no

Zarour is the coolest Lebanese spot in Masr El Gedeeda. Great food, huge menu and a friendly staff. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that they play NOTHING but Fairouz. Try their chicken mesahab dish, it’s delish!

7. The Wire

Alcohol: yes

The Wire is a cozy bar located in Korba. It’s not the most spacious but it’s definitely affordable. The place mostly plays rock music: good but the music’s always so loud: bad. I love The Wire but I wish it was less crowded.

8. Mahraja

Mahraja is definitely the best place to devour Indian in Heliopolis. I can’t even begin to talk about how good the food is! The herbs and the sauces, YUMMMMM! And don’t forget to order their special coconut ice-cream that comes in a coconut shell after you finish eating.

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The Top 7 Places to Eat Wings in Cairo



What time is it? WINGS TIME! Once again, foodies; we’re bringing you the best spots to enjoy your favorite meals in the city of Cairo. This time, it’s all about the nibbling, picking and gnawing because wings are involved. Here are your top 7 spots in Cairo to up your Buffalo goodness game:

Fun Fact: Wings were first introduced in 1964 in Buffalo, US.

1. The Tap Bar & Grill 

No one can deny the fact that The Tap serves the best chicken wings in town. The wings are tender, flavorsome and 100% fulfilling. Whether you like your wings flaming hot or original, you won’t be let down. It’s better to go on a Sunday during the “All You Can Eat” Bonanza from 6:00 pm till 2:00 am.

2. Yellow Moon

Coming in close are Yellow Moon’s superb wings! Yellow Moon is a new favorite eating hub in Heliopolis and it serves great, unorthodox dishes with moderate prices for those who don’t like compromising the quality of what goes in their mouth. Their precious bucket of wings is served with celery (classic!) and your choice of dip. The experience is unforgettable.

3. Mince

Mince’s wings are tasty AF and it’s a shame that it only takes 2 minutes to completely devour them. The only downside is that they have a standard number of wings that gets served per plate, so you can’t really play with your numbers here.

4. Butcher’s Burger

It is indeed NOT a well known fact that Butcher’s Burger serves one of the best chicken wings in the area and it’s about time you give this thing a try! Guaranteed.

5. Buffalo Wings & Rings

The wings here are hearty and tasty and all, but it frankly depends on the day. Try not to go when it’s too busy during the weekend so not to risk your chance at getting a truly great wings experience. The place centers around serving wings so, you have tons of dressings and flavors to choose from. Also, you can choose the intensity of how spicy you want your wingsies to be!

6. Lord of the Wings

Their wings are delish! I mean, they are after all the lords of the craft!

7. Chilli’s

Again, great wings but it depends on the day so, choose wisely.


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Your List of the Top Low-key Asian Restaurants in Cairo is Here!



Personally, I believe that there a lot of hidden Asian gems in Cairo that we should pay more attention to. Asian food is delicious, yet underrated in Egypt, although it includes so many dishes and tons of exquisite flavors that would definitely cater to any foodie’s taste. For that reason, I decided to create a list for all Asian Noobs to follow in order to get the best Asian food experience in Cairo. Here we go:

1. Joy Luck – Maadi (Chinese)

2. Maharaja – More than 7 locations (Indian)

3. Genghis Khan – Maadi & Rehab (Mongolian)

4. Dragon house – Maadi (Chinese)

5. The Chinese Muslim – Al Abasseya (Chinese)

6. Makino – Zamalek (Japanese)

7. Muitara – Nasr City (Malaysian)

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Ramadan Tents: Your Sohour Nights Guide



Gatherings are more fun during Ramadan! the peaceful atmosphere and the delicious food make family and friends gatherings perfect.

And since it is the holy month, you can’t miss having Sohour outside where the food is delightful and the live music is all over

Hence, we have brought you these Ramadan tents that you don’t want to miss:

Bab Al Qasr Tent:

Location: Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski – New Cairo


Location: Rivulet, Sheikh Zayed, October city

Wust El Balad Tent:

Location: The Nile Ritz-Carlton, downtown, Cairo

Welad Zawat:

Location: JW Marriott Hotel, New Cairo

Si Omar Tent:

Location: Hilton, Helipolis


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