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8 Affordable Spots in Heliopolis With the Best Food & Drinks



8 affordable place in heliopolis

Heliopolisers! This one’s for you, it’s for all the times you find yourself stuck without a nearby place to run to when you need to grab a bite or go for drinks with friends. We didn’t include the extra fancy sites, though, we tried to make this as simple and as affordable as possible. Enjoy!

1. Il Mulino

Alcohol: no

Il Mulino is the number 1 go-to spot for Heliopolis residents for these reasons: It has fast wifi, a menu with a wide variety of choices, a really nice bakery and pastry, an outdoor area, a smoking area, a smoking-free area & finally, an extremely friendly staff.

2. The Kiosk Burger

Alcohol: no

The Kiosk Burger is a very chill place in Almaza that specializes in mouthwatering burgers that you can add nearly anything to, toppings wise. They also have a community table, a concept that isn’t very common in Egypt but, definitely should be,

3. Yokal

Alcohol: no

Yokal is a place famous for its perfect mini Sojouk & Kebda sandwiches. The menu isn’t that sizeable but the food is yummaaaay.

4. Tree Trunk

Alcohol: no

Tree Trunk is the ultimate Bohemian Sanctuary located in the heart of Korba. Wherever you decide to sit, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful pieces of art. The place is spacious, dimly lit, has an outdoor balcony area, a great menu! though I’d suggest more beverages & fast wifi. I definitely 100% recommend the mussels pasta!

5. Il Divino Pizzaria

Alcohol: Yes

Il Divino is a really nice new pizza place in Korba that opened up about 2 months ago, following the success of the original Zamalek branch. The pizza is top-notch! And you can have a beer with it, too!

6. Zarour

Alcohol: no

Zarour is the coolest Lebanese spot in Masr El Gedeeda. Great food, huge menu and a friendly staff. The only thing I don’t like about this place is that they play NOTHING but Fairouz. Try their chicken mesahab dish, it’s delish!

7. The Wire

Alcohol: yes

The Wire is a cozy bar located in Korba. It’s not the most spacious but it’s definitely affordable. The place mostly plays rock music: good but the music’s always so loud: bad. I love The Wire but I wish it was less crowded.

8. Mahraja

Mahraja is definitely the best place to devour Indian in Heliopolis. I can’t even begin to talk about how good the food is! The herbs and the sauces, YUMMMMM! And don’t forget to order their special coconut ice-cream that comes in a coconut shell after you finish eating.

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How Konafa Comes in All Shapes and Tastes



Konafa has been one of the most traditional dessert in Ramadan for as long as we can remember. However, for the past couple of years, Konafa has been changing, it is like everyone was trying to give it a makeover to make it look and taste more modern.

Here are some of the different shapes and tastes of Konfa:

Egyptian Konafa:


The traditional Konafa we have all grown up with; usually comes with different nuts, and sometimes cream

Konafa 3al Fa7m:

Syrians blessed us with the Konafa 3al Fa7m

Konafa with Nutella filling:

Because why not combine the best of both worlds?

Konafa with Cheese:

If there is cheese cake, there can be cheese Konafa

Konafa with Mango:

I don’t know who invited this, but I believe we did it

Red Velvet Konafa:


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5 Best Places to Eat Steak in Cairo



This is a call to all my mad carnivores out there, this one’s for you! You know how sometimes, your meat craving gets the best of you and suddenly all you can think about is the way that bone will look after you finish devouring the life out of a juicy ass Tomahawk steak? Yes yes, “ja definitely feel”. Hence, this is the ultimate list of our favorite places that serve the best steak in the city:

1. The Beef Bunker

The Beef Bunker’s steaks are total winners! The place works to serve you the best steak cuts that are available, from their delicious chateaubriand to their excellent T-bone cut! You can either order a steak for yourself or you can share a bigger cut with someone else. Add to that, their delicious sweet potato fries and mac and cheese balls and you can thank us later!

2. Lucca Steakhouse

Lucca is definitely not a place for the faint hearted, or for vegans for that matter ha-ha. You get to take your pick at either black angus cuts: Rib-eye, Striploin, T-bone & ribs or Lucca signature steak and dishes: Wagyu, Shashlik & Lokum or Dry Aged Steaks: TOMAHAWK. I mean for God’s sake, they serve meat sushi there. If there is a heaven for carnivores, it is this incredible steakhouse!

3. Mo Bistro

Besides, being the first place in Cairo to serve flank steak..oh wait, there’s no besides cause that’s the WHOLE GODDAMN POINT! Mo Bistro’s meat is delish and on point! They also serve the best sauces you can think of, including: bone marrow gravy and honey gravy!

4. JW Steakhouse

Aight, JW Steakhouse is indeed pricey but oh boy, is it an incredible experience. We’re not gonna lie to you, some of the wagyu cuts cost 900 L.E. but spending all your money on this cut of heaven is a sacrifice that I’d gladly make. Careful, though cause being addicted to good meat is as bad an addiction as any other. Enjoy the crab cakes and the vanilla marinated salmon appetizers.

5. Charwood’s

Charwood’s is a place that’s long been a favorite of tasteful meat eaters. The Carnivore magnet is probably the oldest steakhouse among those on the list. With a wide variety of cuts that include: Tournedos, Cote De Boeuf and Australian Entercote, the spot still stands among the winners of the red meat competish.

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Kung Pao Chicken: Easy Recipe



Who doesn’t like some Chinese food?

Asian food, specially Chinese, has very special taste. They know how to use the different spices and sauces to create spectacular tastes. Sometimes, the Chinese food crave hits, you just have to go get it; but we gotta admit, it can be a little bit pricey. The good news is, a lot of meals can be easy prepared at home.

Kung Pao chicken is a popular Chinese dish made with diced chicken, chilies, and peanuts.

Here is the easy recipe:


400-500g chicken, 100g peanuts


Dried red chilies, 5 green onions, a piece of ginger, 5 pieces of garlic, 30g cooking oil, 15g thick broad-bean sauce, 5g cooking wine, 15g cooking starch, 2g salt, 5g rice vinegar, 10g soy sauce, and 5g sugar


1. Clean the chicken breasts and dice them.

2. Stir together the cooking wine, cooking starch, and salt, and marinated the chicken cubes in the mixture for half an hour.

Kung Pao Chicken

3. Soak peanuts in hot water for 10 minutes and remove the peanut skins.

4. Clean the dried red chili peppers and cut them into small pieces. Clean and chop the green onions. Clean and dice the ginger and garlic.

cooking Kung Pao Chicken

5. Make a bowl of starchy sauce with the sugar, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and cooking wine.


1. Use a moderate amount of oil to fry the peanuts until they turn yellow, drain them, and set them on a plate to cool. Cool peanuts are crisper.

2. Using high heat, heat oil in a hot wok, then add the chicken cubes, and fry until they turn slightly brown. Drain them and remove them to a plate.

3. Leave some cooking oil in the wok, and using a high heat stir-fry the dried chilies for 30 seconds to release the spice.

4. Then re-add the fried chicken cubes and add the diced garlic and ginger, and the thick broad-bean sauce. Stir-fry until the sauce becomes red.

5. Add the starchy sauce and chopped green onions, and re-add the cool fried peanuts. Stir-fry together for 30 seconds.

6. Serve it on a plate.

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