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Ahmed Malek to Star in New Canadian Film



Seems like Ahmad Malek’s acting career is booming at the moment, and we couldn’t have been happier for him. The young actor just signed for the lead role in Canadian director Patricia Chica’s (also known as Chicatronica) next film Montreal Girls.

At only 22, the actor is receiving international recognition, partly due to his role in Amr Salama’s most recent film Al Sheikh Jackson and his role in Mohamad Diab’s Eshtebak in 2016. It’s definitely hard to dismiss a talent so striking like that of Malek’s.

According to Screen Daily, Malek “will play an Egyptian student who heads to Montreal on a medical school scholarship. Once there, he hooks up with a wild cousin who introduces him to the Canadian city’s vibrant underground subcultures and thrilling nightlife. This exciting new world inspires Basil’s innate desire to become a poet and hurls him into a tumultuous relationship with three young women who shatter his perceptions and reveal to him his destiny.” We know we can’t wait! 

Director Patricia Chica herself revealed that she spent a whole year doing nothing but searching for the perfect actor for the role until she found Malek, and lucky for us, we couldn’t be more certain that he would succeed at pulling this off. 

Montreal Girls will be Chica’s first feature film after apparently, more than 20 triumphant shorts, including The Morning After (2017) & Ceramic Tango (2013). 

Morning After (2017)

Ceramic Tango (2013)

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Sama El Masry’s Plans for Ramadan 2018 Revealed



As you probably heard a few months back, Sama El Masry took the decision to host a religious TV show this Ramadan. We were not even remotely surprised. We mean, This lady’s been continually shocking us ever since she became famous. However, we didn’t really think that Sama would actually carry on with her plan, but she definitely proved us all wrong after the promo of her new TV was revealed:


The Ahmad El Shebsheb Da3 singer is calling on people to not judge her show before watching it. But a lot of Egyptians have already made fun of Sama’s attempt in the promo’s comment section.

The TV show is called Ahl El 3elm, but we still aren’t quite sure what it’s about. All we know is that Sama does whatever she wants whenever she wants and we’re curious to find out what she’s been cooking up for her audience.

So, will you watch Sama’s show on her Youtube channel this Ramadan? 

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Fifi Abdo Just Posted Spooky Looking Pictures of Herself and the Internet is Confused



So, as we all know, Fifi Abdo is one of Egypt’s favorite entertainers. She’s hilarious, outspoken, and definitely a force to be reckoned with. But recently, something a little strange took place. Fifi decided to post a picture of herself on instagram looking like her face had been swapped with that of Disney’s Mulan, as some commentators pointed out:

In the photo above, Fifi is thanking her makeup artist, who managed to transform her face into something out of an unearthly dream that somehow combines a Disney princess with Somaya Al Khashab and the whole thing is a little bit eerie.

But something tells us that it isn’t just the makeup that helped alter the shape of our beloved Dancer/Actress’s face. We smell something fishy, indeed…*Enter Photoshop*

Fifi, we love you but there’s just so much that a human eye can take. I mean, what even is this?

Fifi, you know it, we know it and the whole world knows it; THIS IS NOT YOUR JAWLINE.

This is what bad photoshopping does to your fingers.

This just reminds me of Ursula, the evil witch in The Little Mermaid.

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The Spice Girls Are Attending the Royal Wedding!



And finally, the reunion you’ve been waiting for is finally here! All former members of the legendary Pop Group, YASS, ALL MEMBERS are set to attend the royal wedding this Saturday, May 19th and it’s confirmed!

EX486D SPICE GIRLS Promotional photo of UK pop girl group about 1996. Image shot 1996. Exact date unknown.

Among the 600 official wedding invitations that have been sent out, exactly five invitations were received by Victoria Beckham, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton & Mel B. “All of the guests were also invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s celebratory reception at St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle, but only about 200 friends and family members will go on to the second, private reception at Frogmore House hosted by Harry’s father, Prince Charles.” according to Us Weekly Magazine. 

Unfortunately, however, it’s been confirmed that the group will not be performing at the wedding. Can you imagine that The Spice Girls movie actually came out 20 years ago?! So, what have our girls been up to since the split of the most iconic 90s band? Let’s take a look:

Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice

Besides being married to David Beckham, Victoria found her true passion when she decided to delve into fashion after calling it quits on her solo career in 2004. After all, Posh Spice wasn’t really known for her singing abilities, but more for her attitude and her style. Victoria is now one of the most celebrated designers of our time.

Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice

Geri was the first member to leave the group in 1998, 2 years before the band officially came to an end. From there on, the former Spice Girl decided to pursue a solo career, which resulted in the world being introduced to her most famous hit It’s Raining Men. The singer took a long break from singing in 2005 until last year, when her fourth album was leaked online.

Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice

Emma also pursued a solo career after the group split in 2000, however, the singer didn’t really find success again until she took the decision to quit singing and start working in Television and Radio. Emma was a recurring character in the hit comedy series Absolutely Fabulous from 2003 till 2012. She now hosts the breakfast show on the Heart London radio station.

Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice

Like her former bandmates, Melanie also tried to carve out a solo career but is currently best known for her TV work. The singer worked on famous shows like The X Factor, Dancing With the Stars, America’s Got Talent and The Voice Kids. Scary Spice was also once married to Eddie Murphy.

Melanie Chisholm aka Sporty Spice

While all members of the Spice Girls went on to pursue solo careers after the band came to an end, Mel C was the one who managed to become the most successful out of the 5. The singer launched her solo career with the international hot song When You’re Gone with Bryan Adams. Since then, the singer went on to sell over 20 million records, including co-writing 11 UK number 1 singles. Mel C is the only female performer to top the charts as a solo artist, as part of a duo, quartet and quintet.


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