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Falak Startups Hosts Inaugural Demo Day from Thirteen Egyptian Governorates



Falak Startups, in partnership with EFG-EV Fintech, announced its official launch to the regional entrepreneurial and investor community through an inaugural Demo Day sponsored by the SANAD Fund for MSME. Fifteen high-growth startups from thirteen governorates presented their refined business models, in an effort to secure funding from Egyptian and regional investors.

Falak (largest startup accelerator in the Middle East and Africa) organized  4-month acceleration program provides entrepreneurs with funding, mentorship, training, and comprehensive all-round support, in order for Egyptian youth  to thrive and compete in the global economy.

“Entrepreneurial success, especially within our young demographic, creates positive spillover effects throughout the entire economy, supports our goal to achieve wider financial inclusion and boosts job creation on the macroeconomic level. It is an essential component in creating a sustainable engine for long-term economic growth.” Said Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of
Investment and International Cooperation.

Dr. Shehab Marzban, Chairman of Egypt Ventures and Senior Advisor to the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation also added: “We’re very proud to see our youth develop strong business cases out of mere ideas they came to us with only months ago. Falak Startups will serve as a platform from which we aim to launch numerous acceleration programs, spanning across multiple sector industries. The feedback received today was tremendously positive, and is a strong reflection of the private sector’s support of our mission, as they are key partners in this journey to establish a dynamic, globally-competitive ecosystem”

The event took place at the Golden Room Hall in Prince Mohamed Ali (Manial) Palace, and was attended by y Dr Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and international Cooperation, Dr Ali ELMoselhy, Minister of Supply, Dr Rania Al Mashat, Minister of Tourism, Khaled Badawi, Minister of Public Enterprise, Dr Shehab Marzban, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Investment and International cooperation and Chairman of Egypt Ventures, Mohamed Fareed, Executive Chairman at the Egyptian Stock Exchange, General Mohamed Amin, Treasurer of the ‘Tahya Masr’ Fund, MP Amr Ghalab, Chairman of the Economic Committee of the House of Representatives, as well as numerous foreign dignitaries, prominent businessmen and investors, and entrepreneurs.

Some of the startups that participated in the event were Pay Nas, Auto Parts, Masry Market, 3elagi and Olli.

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“People to People” campaign: because there’s more to Egypt




The new “People to People” campaign takes a new turn in promoting for tourism in Egypt, under the supervision of Minster of Tourism Rania Al Mashat who decided to take campaigning in another direction. 

While other campaigns focus mainly on the sites and history of places, Al Mashat believes that the people of the country should be seen and heard. They should be given the chance to speak out loud about their own culture, and to reflect the Egyptian heritage. 

Al Mashat stated that the choice for the slogan “People to people” is because it starts with the letter P, which stands not only for people, but also peace, passion, pride, and progress. All the keywords that should be associated with the Egyptians in the minds of tourists. And an attempt to change any false stereotypes or assumptions about Egypt, the minister also referred to the many visits of international celebrities which also reflects a positive image to the world about the safety of Egypt.

Another important thing to highlight is the Grand Egyptian Museum and how it is set to be the largest museum in the world; thus being another major mean in promoting for tourism.  

In order for the campaign to move forward, Al Mashat explained that it will be divided into three pillars, the first one will focus on promoting for destinations, the second is the “People to People” campaign, where the focus will shift to people and correcting the false perceptions. The third and last will shed the light on the Grand Egyptian Museum that is set to open in the year 2020; which we hope to be Egypt’s way towards creating worldwide anticipation and promotion for tourism. 

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Egypt’s population hits another risky rate




Egypt’s population hits an increase of 70% in comparison to 2015, Hala al-Said -Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform- announced that it is estimated that Egypt’s population will reach 150 million by the year 2050; seeing how birth rate has been rising since 2005 and that makes Egypt one of the highest population growth rates in the world.

Overpopulation puts the national security at risk and is considered now to be a huge issue that need to be controlled by different parties. She also stated that the government is looking forward to investing in human resources in the light of this issue, and that the constitution encourages the execution of sustainable development goals.

In a press conference that was held last Sunday by Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali, it was announced that the government is working towards renovating 33 clinics that provides contraception services under the framework of the project “Two are Enough”, that aims at limiting the growth rate of population.

“Two are Enough” aims at training nurses and physicians on the area of overpopulation, and offers bonuses for volunteers who work in raising awareness in Upper Egypt which is recorded to have the highest birth rates.

Female rural leaders are also trained to advice their fellow female villagers on the issue and its risks. More than 2,000 female leaders are reaching out to villagers in their homes and the target –as a start- is to visit more than 10,000 houses in different 10 governorates across Egypt.

The campaign will carry on raising awareness through radio episodes that are to be aired on Quran channels with the cooperation of Al Azhar and Dar al-Ifta.

We hope that such tactics can actually have an impact on the mindsets of people in rural areas, and that we can witness results in the upcoming few months.

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Unearthing more of Egypt’s legacy




Discoveries of Egypt’s treasures continues 

Missions continue to discover Egypt’s hidden treasures 

Minister of Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani announced on Wednesday that more than 200 Italian archaeological missions are working on unearthing the treasures that still lays in different sites across Egypt, and that was during the inauguration of the second conference of the Italian Archaeological missions in Egypt, the middle East and North Africa.

The conference titled “Italian Archaeology in Egypt and MENA Countries (IAM2)” was held in the ministry’s office at Ahmed Pasha Kamal Hall in Zamalek, and secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri attended along with the Italian Ambassador to Egypt Giampaolo Cantini and other officials.

Several discoveries took place during this archeological mission, sites included Karnak Temple, Saqqara, Minya and Dahshour. During the conference, details covering those discoveries were discussed.

Another important issue that was discussed during the conference is the necessity of restoring the smuggled artifacts from Egypt. The issue was welcomed by the Italian authorities and they expressed their complete support of the case.

We hope that such a collaboration will indeed help in uncovering more of Egypt’s legacies just in time with the Grand Egyptian museum, in order to highlight and showcase those discoveries.

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