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How Konafa Comes in All Shapes and Tastes



Konafa has been one of the most traditional dessert in Ramadan for as long as we can remember. However, for the past couple of years, Konafa has been changing, it is like everyone was trying to give it a makeover to make it look and taste more modern.

Here are some of the different shapes and tastes of Konfa:

Egyptian Konafa:


The traditional Konafa we have all grown up with; usually comes with different nuts, and sometimes cream

Konafa 3al Fa7m:

Syrians blessed us with the Konafa 3al Fa7m

Konafa with Nutella filling:

Because why not combine the best of both worlds?

Konafa with Cheese:

If there is cheese cake, there can be cheese Konafa

Konafa with Mango:

I don’t know who invited this, but I believe we did it

Red Velvet Konafa:


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Museum… For Disgusting Food!




Here’s the latest fun and crazy idea today! The Disgusting Food Museum will open this month in Malmo, Sweden! That’s right–a museum for disgusting food. The museum will have in display a variety of 80 disgusting foods from around the world like Mexican tree-ant larvae, and classic American fare like Twinkies and root beer.

The museum founder Samuel West states that “If you give root beer to a European, they’re gonna spit it out and say ‘This tastes like toothpaste, it’s disgusting.” And for that reason, West wants people to be a little more skeptical. “I want people to question what they find disgusting and realize that disgust is always in the eye of the beholder.” Well, this sounds like a fun destination to visit!

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Coca-Cola Flavored Cinnamon!




Christmas has not come early–It is coming at the same time. But we do have some news with regards to a specific christmas treat, which is coming early. Coca-Cola will be releasing a new drink with the flavor of cinnamon!

The limited-edition drink will be added to the sugar-free range of drinks. And it will be available in 500ml and 1.25L. “For a limited time only, we are excited to announce the launch of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cinnamon, that we hope our current fans and those looking to try a new flavour will love,” said Alec Mellor, the marketing manager of Coca-Cola.

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In Denmark, Everyone Wants To Save The Climate




In an attempt to protect the environment, the country of Denmark has devised a new way with which it can inform the public with impact of consumed goods. Thereby allowing shoppers to be informed prior to making a purchase.

The idea is that food products will have stickers on them that show their environmental impact. This came as a proposal by the government and will establish the project by this week. “We want to give consumers the means to assess in supermarkets the environmental impact of products,” said the Minister for the Environment in Denmark.

This sure is a great idea. It allows for the general public to be informed and conscious about the surrounding environment.

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