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How the Internet Reacts To Mo Salah Injury



Mohamed Salah Injury

We have been going insane since last night match between Liverpool and Real Madrid! we are still in shock of what Ramos did to our Egyptian King, which by the way was extremely unethical. The topic has been trending on Twitter ever since.

Here is how celebrities reacted to our very own Mo Salah:

Fifi Abdo:


Naguib Sawiris:


Ibrahim Fayek:


Salt Bae:





Mohamed Henedy:

Egypt National Football Team:

Jamila Awad:


Ashraf Hamdi:

Evan Hill:

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Egypt to Receive $3 billion From World Bank




Egypt has made a new financial deal with the World Bank worth 3 billion dollars. This deal was reached after the World Bank took a scrutinize look on the economic reform measures that took place in Egypt. As a result, the World Bank reasserted its support to the government of Egypt and agreed to make the deal.

It is worthy of mention that the last time Egypt had made a deal with such a great amount was back in 2016, when the country secured a loan from the Fund at the World Bank in efforts to help and secure the economic growth of the country.

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Surgery On Conjoined Twins Is Successful Thanks To 3-D Printing




The technology of 3-d printing has been used in different industries and we have already seen how useful it can be in terms of possibly making life much easier. This time, the prominent technology has been used to ensure the success of a surgery that was done on conjoined twins in Qatar.

The surgery took nine hours, but thankfully, Hamad and Tamim were both survivors and managed to get through the surgery. The 3-d technology was used in simulations that were conducted before the actual surgery. The 3-d model replicated the twins’ abdomen and liver, which made it easier for the surgeons to anticipated the process of the surgery. You may check the link to the video below.


Link to video:

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Woman Prevents Man From Entering His Apartment




A video has taken social media by a storm of a woman in a luxurious apartment complex in St. Luis. The woman is seen first persistently preventing the man from entering the building by blocking his way and asking him questions. Then, she proceeded to follow him upstairs, up the elevator, and even until the man entered his apartment. The woman later called 911 and brought the police over.

It is suspected that the actions of the woman were taken as such due to the color of the man’s skin. Whatever associations she may have had made it difficult for her to comprehend that the man was a resident in the apartment complex. The interesting question here is can the position of the woman be justified? You can watch the videos that were captured by the man during the encounter through the link below.


Video link:

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