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A Closer Look Into Lojain Omran World



Lojain Omran the prominent Saudi TV presenter who worked in many TV shows including “Good Morning, Arabs”. Lojain has over 6 million followers on Instagram and one of the top fashion icons and influences in the gulf area.

The beautiful inside out welcomed us at her home in Dubai, where we got to chat about everything and anything, from her morning routine to her favorite fashion era.

Lojain can rock any outfit, whether it is casual or classic, she also believes 40s, 50s and 60s were the most fashionable eras that can inspire you till now. The TV star also expressed her love for bright colors because it always gives out positivity and happiness.

“I don’t like to wake up in a rush” said Omran when asked about her morning routine. “I play some music on my phone, I put it under my pillow so the music wouldn’t be too loud, I lay in bed for like 15 minutes and start to think of beautiful my day would be”. Plus, she has no favorite breakfast but she makes sure to start her day with vitamin C and black raisins.

When asked if she ever wore anything embarrassing, Lojain responded that at the beginning of her career she used to wear designs she didn’t really like as a complement to designers. However, Lojain never wears anything she doesn’t like anymore.

Her role model is Oprah Winfrey, “Starting from her struggles to what she achieved today, she is the best TV presenter in the world” Lojain continued.

“I like to try new things to challenge myself”. Said the TV presenter on risk taking. Lojain tried racing, skydiving and ziplining few times; “Anything with high adrenaline, I’m up for it” she mentioned.

The Dazzling Lady shared with us the three things she can’t live without; “Recently, I’ve discovered the ugly truth.. I can’t live without my cell phone; Not just because of social media; I use it to document and record everything, my calendar and schedule. If I want to look for a new info, I go to my phone. I’ve discovered that my phone is a very important yet annoying part of my life. The fashion influencer can’t as well live without music nor the good company.

After a long tiring day, Lojain tends to disconnect from the outside world. “I just put my phone on silent and play music, light up candles and make my favorite tea and I try to disconnect completely. I might as well read a book that I’m sure it would sooth me”

Content and gratitude are the secret ingredients to feeling better, according to the TV presenter. Lojain is always grateful for having supportive family, friends and fans.

Thank you LO for opening up your world for us, we enjoyed the interview and love you so much

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Here’s What Makes Amir Karara A True Superstar



From a TV presenter to super star breaking all records in this Ramadan season, Amir Karara has proved that he is a well established actor who always learns, works on himself and seeks for more and more achievements. The Egyptian actor, who is also known as “Basha Masr”, is breaking records with his Ramadan series “Kalbsh 2” and basically is scoring the highest viewing rates on Youtube.


The success of this moslsal got fans asking for a third season, but so far there are no updates on that matter.

If you haven’t got enough of Amir Karara this Ramadan, you can catch him up this upcoming Eid in the new movie “Karmouz War”, the movie is expected to be a huge hit.

Karara isn’t just an excellent actor, he is also very supportive and encouraging of literally everyone in the entertainment industry; and he always takes to his Instagram to voice his support:


Congratulating his friends:

مبروك يا صحبي يالي مشرفنا❤️

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Voicing His opinion apologetically:

معلش في اللي هقوله وانا مش متعصب كره قدم قوي مبروك لمنتخبنا الجامد ومبروك لرجالتنا الي شرفوا مصر كلها بس شوفو ازاي احنا مبسوطين اننا رايحين كاس العالم واسمنا مش هنشارك غير بقلبنا وهنتفرج في التليفزيون في راجل خدم البلد دي وشارك في كل بطولتها وكان حلموا انوا يروح كاس العالم وولادو ا يفرحوا بيه ويفتخروا بيه ووانا عارف ان كل متخب مصر بيحب الراجل ده ومصر كلها عارفه انوا هيفرق مع منتخبنا واكيد مش وقت عند اتمني اني اشوفك في كاس العالم عشان هيبقي ليه طعم تاني وانت في الملعب من حقك تروح كاس العالم🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬 )شكرا كابتن حسام غالي)

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Showing off his team:


Showing Respect:

الزعيم واحد بس 💣

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Cherishing memories:



Applauding for Perfect Scenes:

الله عليك يا صحبي👊

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Wishing everyone success:


Supporting our national football team:

ربنا معاكو يا رجاله مصر

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on

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Ahmed AlFishway IS Getting Married Again!



Ahmed AlFishway took to Instagram to announce his engagement to girl called “Nada” with a very simple caption: “she said yes”.

Fans started congratulating him in the comments that reached almost 1000 comments

She said yes. 💍 _____ #Fishawy #Engaged #خطوبة #Nada #Alhamdulilah

A post shared by Ahmad AlFishawy (@fishawyofficial) on

Ahmed AlFishwat has mentioned before in the media that he got married 5 times, his upcoming marriage would be the 6th.

The Egyptian actor is now waiting for his new thriller action movie 122 to hit movie theaters

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Amr Diab and Dina ElSherbiny Wedding Details!



Rumors has been circling around about Amr Diab and Dina ElSherbiny relationship with no confirmation or denial from both parties. but rumor has it, the couple are getting ready for their big wedding! A new leaked selfie of Amr Diab, Dina ElSherbiny and his his daughter Nour is surfing the internet, the selfie shows the three smiling and getting along.

A source has leaked the date and avenue of the big wedding, it is rumored that the wedding will happen after El-Eid in Mykonos, an island located in Greece, where also Amr Diab performed in lots of weddings.


What’s more, Amr Diab took Dina with him to London to attend his twins’ high school graduation, however Dina didn’t attend the graduation ceremony


Dina ElSherbiny entered the Ramadan drama race this year with Malika


Thank u Tarek for the lovely portrait from Malika’s shooting

A post shared by Dina دينا الشربيني (@dinaelsherbinyy) on


While Amr Diab is currently working on new music

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