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Netflix And Ramadan: New Arabic Shows Coming Up



Netflix invited us to its special Ramadan exclusive session in Dubai.

We got so indulged in Netflix that we didn’t want to go back to the real world. With the holy month coming up in two weeks, Netflix gave us a sneak peck to its special Ramadan schedule and we can’t wait to binge watch all these new shows.

While we wish we could Netflix for the rest of our lives; our habits change somehow in Ramadan. Statistics show that in Ramadan, we tend to believe that we have two or three extra free hours compared to the rest of they, and people reported that they usually use this extra time to watch TV series and movies (more Netflix!).

Lucky for us, we get to work fewer hours in Ramadan, which gives us at least additional three hours during the day, that we can definitely use to catch up with all the shows we have been saving for later

With an average bed time between 2 to 5 am, Netflix is adding a bunch of new cool shows, and this time in Arabic. From documentaries to movies, Netflix is giving us a new experience. The news shows include the Egyptian series “The secret of the Nile”, a film tour on the Egyptian/American stand up comedian, Ahmed Ahmed, and a documentary called “Speed Sisters” that is about the Arab world’s first all-woman race car team.

Check out the new shows Coming to Netflix:

Make sure to catch up with all the new shows and tell us about your favorites!


Happy Ramdan

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Best Looks From The Opening Ceremony Of El Gouna Film Festival



Yesterday at the opening of “El Gouna Film Festival” the red carpet was an open runway for the stars. The fashion is taking a big part from everyone interest and we become very curious to know from which designer is the dress. So here are some appearances that really matter yesterday on the red carpet:

Saba Mubarak wearing from Micheal Cinco

Dorra wearing from George Hobeika Couture

Bushra wearing from Ziad Nakkad Couture

Nelly Karim wearing from Kojak

Mona Zaki wearing from Antoine Kareh Couture

Reham Abdel Gaffour wearing from Temraza

Injy El Mokadem wearing from Kojak

Yasmine Sabry wearing from Youssef Al Jasmi

Arwa Gouda wearing from Zeina Hosny

Reham Hagag wearing from Zuhair Murad

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The Queen, Her Majesty “Yousra”



We were really delighted and pleasured to interview the super star ” Yousra” and we’ll take you into a scope of what’s inside her mind but first, let’s tell you a little about her!


Photographer: Mahmoud Abdel Salam
Stylist: Youmna Moustafa
Make Up Artist: Soha Khoury
Hair Dresser: Hassan Bourji
Dress: Esposa
Jewelery: Egypt Gold

Yousra is the symbol of beauty, elegance, and love in our country. We enjoyed shooting, listening, and dancing with her. She is that kind of person who brings happiness and positive energy anywhere she goes. now, we’ll tell you all about the sit down we had with her! Yousra was very happy with the shooting, with all the different and unique styles snd make up look which made us happier even more! She loved how we turned on some music for her while we took some amazing shots of her and she was instantly in a good, uplifting mood. We were thrilled with excitement with her choice of fashion wear so we asked her does she follow the fashion trends? She replied that she loves wearing what suits her best. She says that seeing a clothing from afar won’t tell you if it actually suits your body type, you have to try it on and see what actually suits your body and wear it proudly! If a clothing is trendy at the moment but doesn’t suit her, then she simply won’t wear it.   We were thrilled with excitement with her choice of fashion wear so we asked her does she follow the fashion trends? She gave us a smile and said that she loves wearing what suits her best. She says that seeing a clothing from afar won’t tell you if it actually suits your body type, you have to try it on and see what actually suits your body and wear it proudly! If a clothing is trendy at the moment but doesn’t suit her, then she simply won’t wear it. We decided to ask about her beauty secret, what’s the secret behind beauty in her perspective? She happily replied by, “My beauty secret is my heart.” And honestly, that was enough for us to draw the widest smile among our faces but we wanted to hear more. “I love the world and I love everyone, I really cannot hate anybody. Hating actually take from you, they don’t give so maybe I could get pissed off from someone but I really cannot just hate anyone.” Our curiosity couldn’t stop us from asking her about what would she advise to Egyptian or Middle Eastern girls? She claims that simplicity is the mother of beauty. The simpler you are, the more your beauty stands out.

Even if you actually know you’re beautiful, you don’t have to always prove it to everyone by standing out, you’re beautiful and you don’t need to prove it to anybody. The real and true beauty is what’s on the inside, your soul. The beauty on the inside is what will let your outer beauty shine so bright, so the number one priority is the beauty on the inside because that’s all that counts anyways!

She replied that if she has work, she simply gets up in the morning and gets to work and goes back home in the evening but if she doesn’t have work, she likes organizing the house, meeting her friends, family, her mother and doing many activities. She loves being around the people she loves the most and that’s all that matters after all! However, if she’s invited to an event or something special, she exerts an effort in her known outstanding and unique style and make up. Buzzing with excitement, we decided to ask about this year’s past Ramadan series “Ladina Aqual Okhra” starring Yousra,

and how the fans reacted after knowing the series was only aired online, on Saudi screens only. She replied with confidence and happiness claiming that the fans were extremely happy and the traffic on the series was magnificent, she was pleased to hear people’s opinion on the series and their constant support on how much they liked it even though it was only aired on Saudi Arabian screens and online. She’s in love with the fans’ consistency on even though the series was only aired online, they didn’t have a doubt to watch it.

We asked Yousra if airing the Ramadan series online or on Saudi Arabian screens would effect the traffic or make less people watch the series. Giving us a very heartwarming smile, she replied saying “Despite this happening a few times before, it wasn’t really a problem because if you’re a huge fan of someone, you like knowing everything about them and watching everything they do even in the toughest moments. Although,

I’d always love my work getting aired in my own country, Egypt. However, despite this, I’m so blessed and cheerful that the fans made their researches and looked around to watch this series online or on Saudi Arabian screens. I also loved how the fans think out loud about what will happen to the main character and saying their thoughts to everyone else, it made me very delighted.”   And that’s all for today and we’d like to thank the marvelous actress, Yousra for this amazing interview and for inspiring us of course!

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“El 7ekaya” With Amr Adib Is The Latest Of MBC Masr



In the midst of a prominent presence of socialite, businessmen, stars of art and sports, press and media; MBC Egypt announced the launch of its new program: ” El7ekaya (The story) with Amr Adib”.

The ceremony was held in Cairo and was attended by the following stars: Yousra, Nadia El-Gendy, Hisham Abbas, Samah El Saraiti, Edward, Ahmed Zaher, Rania Youssef, Reem Mostafa, Fatma Nasser, Dina Fouad, , Fares Ibrahim, Dareen Haddad, and other distinguished guests. In addition to the general manager of the MBC Egypt channel Mohammed Abdel Muttal, the participants in the presenting the show with Amr Adeeb are: Rajaa El-Jeddawi, The Chef Gigi Zayed, and Saad al-Din Hilali.

The ceremony started in a special way, which Amr Adeeb presented the audience with a simulation of “The Zero Episode” of the new program. He said: ” the story remains the most important, and the new program seeks the stories that interest people and occupy them wherever they are. They are the storytellers who have been successful. ” continued Amr “It was the dream of my career, 22 years ago, to join an established institution such as MBC, and thank God, the dream is finally realized, and I look forward to more shared stories with the wider public in Egypt and the Arab world.”

Amr Adib has received a number of stars and prominent figures in the special “Episode Zero”, most notably: star Yousra and singer Abo, and writer Tamer Habib, where they brought together the famous song “3 daqat,” and talked about its success this year. Then Adib Najm received the ball of the believer Zakaria to talk about what was raised about the issue of professionalism outside Egypt during the coming period. After that, Adib hosted fashion expert Farida Temraz, who spoke about her story of success in the fashion world in an unconventional fashion, and then received the Egyptian diving instructor Bent Adil, the daughter of the province of North Sinai, who came specially to tell her story with success.
Businessman Hussam Al Qabbani also spoke about providing a wide range of social initiatives and charity donations to the most needy groups in society.

Amr Adib concludes the episode “Episode Zero” for receiving Mohamed Abdel Metaal, General Manager of MBC Egypt, and Mazen Hayek, MBC Group’s spokesperson. Abdel Metaal pointed out that the new program is “a qualitative addition, and the channel has provided him with all the necessary resources for his success and his release to the public in the best possible manner.”

“The new program combines stories and heart with a variety of fast-paced and rhythmic sections,” he concluded. In his turn, Mazen Hayek thanked MBC’s big friends who participated in the ceremony and expressed his pride in the return of Amr Adib to the MBC family, who was involved in the jury of the first season of “Arabs Got Talent” On MBC4. “We look forward to following up the many and varied stories from Egypt and abroad, which will be delineated in detail by Amr Adib with the team,” Hayek concluded.

We wish Amr Adib and Mbc Masr the best of luck in their new program “El 7ekaya”, and we are very excited to see the first episode next saturday

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