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This 1930s Guide on how Women Should Act on a Date Will Blow your Mind



Today, ladies and gents of the 21st century, I’ve gathered up a pretty interesting photo album that dates back to 1938. The album consists of a string of the most important dating advice that you’ll ever come across. Trust me, you will crack up when you dig through this abomination of an album. So, powder your nose and tighten up your corsets because gals, your men are gonna be wowed after you apply the following:

Yes, Susan. Don’t drink because it dumbs you down even more. Order coke, it’s safer. Nope, not the white kind.

Come’on, Susan! You know how fragile his masculinity must be, don’t push it! Men hate being touched.

I once talked to my date about a backpack that I’d just bought, and it surely didn’t end well…because of the backpack thing, of course. Now, I start conversations by asking about his car engine or about his testosterone levels.

Susan, I told you before! “Man” needs his mirror badly. “Man” hurts “neck” when “man” looks behind.

Notice how they wrote “Men” followed by “Girls” like being a “woman” wasn’t even a thing.

Sorry to be the one to break it down to you, Rosa but Ralph left you because you liked crossing your legs. Besides, you never laughed at his terrible jokes. And the gum thing at the diner was just too much for his grown ass to take.

Basically, avoid anything that has a wiener. Let him speak on behalf of the both of you because f*ck common sense.

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Egyptian Memes that will Crack you Up if you Spent the First Day of Ramadan in front of the TV



It’s only the second day of Ramadan and the internet is already coming up with hilarious meme ideas featuring the new Ramadan Series and TV ads. And as we all know, the internet is merciless and meme queens never shy away from an opportunity to make people laugh. Shall we begin? 

The stylist who dressed Hisham in this T-shirt while promoting the health and well being of unprivileged children

Knowing exactly how this whole thing is gonna go down by watching only the first scene of Ekhtefaa

Giran expectations vs. Giran reality, brought to you by the stud: Dhafer L’Abidine

Lama el AD yesa2att yerakwar wesh Mohamad Ramadan

Mabrouk ya hanem, hadretek hamel fi 29 Big Tasty

Ahla da2n tarkeeb di wala eih?

Ostaza Dina teheb teshkor el ostaza Dina 3ala maghoodat el Ostaza Dina

Dalee3a ya fandem

Again, Dhafer <3

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Netflix And Ramadan: New Arabic Shows Coming Up



Netflix invited us to its special Ramadan exclusive session in Dubai.

We got so indulged in Netflix that we didn’t want to go back to the real world. With the holy month coming up in two weeks, Netflix gave us a sneak peck to its special Ramadan schedule and we can’t wait to binge watch all these new shows.

While we wish we could Netflix for the rest of our lives; our habits change somehow in Ramadan. Statistics show that in Ramadan, we tend to believe that we have two or three extra free hours compared to the rest of they, and people reported that they usually use this extra time to watch TV series and movies (more Netflix!).

Lucky for us, we get to work fewer hours in Ramadan, which gives us at least additional three hours during the day, that we can definitely use to catch up with all the shows we have been saving for later

With an average bed time between 2 to 5 am, Netflix is adding a bunch of new cool shows, and this time in Arabic. From documentaries to movies, Netflix is giving us a new experience. The news shows include the Egyptian series “The secret of the Nile”, a film tour on the Egyptian/American stand up comedian, Ahmed Ahmed, and a documentary called “Speed Sisters” that is about the Arab world’s first all-woman race car team.

Check out the new shows Coming to Netflix:

Make sure to catch up with all the new shows and tell us about your favorites!


Happy Ramdan

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Your Ramadan Drama Guide is Here



We are counting down the days and Ramadan is around the corner; and with the holy month approaching, the different series trailers conquer our screens. In case you are feeling lost on what to watch this year; we are bring you all the trailers and their genres so you could choose from.


Here we go:

Awalem Khafya:



Genre: Thriller



Genre: Thriller


Ard AlNefaq:





Genre: Comedy




Genre: Mystery


Amr Wakea’:



Genre: Thriller


Ladyna Akwal Okhra:


Genre: Thriller/ Crime


Ded AlMaghoul:



Genre: Thriller


Azmy W Ashgan:



Genre: Comedy


BelHagm AlAa’ly:



Genre: comedy





Genre: Thriller/ Drama




Genre: Drama


Fouq AlSahab:

Genre: Thriller


Abu Omar AlMasry:



Genre: Thriller


Manteka Moharma:


Genre: Thriller



Genre: Thriller/ Drama


 Nesr AlSaa’ed:


Genre: Action/ Drama


Layaly Ojeni:


Genre: Drama

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