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What’s up Cairo Takes You Inside The World of Kriss



Take it from the expert, what’s trendy in hair fashion 2018 

After almost twenty years, Kriss became a trade mark among the big names of hair salons in Egypt. What’s up Cairo team met the man behind this success and guess what?  We found out that Kriss, like many of us, starts his morning with coffee and many other details he shared for the first time with What’s up Cairo.

Whats up Cairo Kriss Interview

You’ll be shocked to find a pretty cool guy behind this hair phenomenonKriss told us all about his dream car, beauty icon, and favorite hair look. Take it from the expertKriss has dealt with all types of women and only one thing attracts him in a lady: it’s the “Personality”. So to all the ladies out there, work on building your own unique vivid personality rather going to the hair dresser! Okay that was me not Kriss of course!

Interviewing Kriss revealed the X factor for success. It’s passion. Kriss’s passion for hair styling led him to where he stands today. He admitted that he never considered hair styling as a job but rather a delightful service he provides to make women happy and pretty. This attitude allowed him to build strong human relationship with his customers based on trust and admiration.

Whats up Cairo Kriss Interview

Kriss loves his world, that’s why he seemed to enjoy talking to us about his clientsKriss has worked with many celebrities from Egypt and the Arab world. Find out what he said regarding the difference between working with stars and everyday clients. Also, what is the fetal mistake all girls do to their hair? What’s in for the hair in 2018, and if you’re a bride to be, listen to Kriss’s golden advice to the bride. Watch it all at our video interview with the king of hair styling, the one and only, Kriss…

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Health & Beauty

Mind-Blowing Health Tips




We always hear about tips with regards to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep early, wake up early, exercise…, etc. But there are other tips which may sound like they’re not truethey are. And we have compiled six of them for you!


  1. Drink coffee before you nap. At first this may sound crazy. Why would I drink coffee if I want to sleep?! The fact is, drinking a cup of coffee before a 20-minute nap will help you become more alert once you wake up, because 20 minutes is roughly the time needed for the effect of coffee to start to kick in.
  2. Eat more so you can eat less. It sounds crazy! But no! Eating more in the sense of grabbing a nutritious meal/snack instead of a cracker as a snack, because a cracker, for example, would lead you to feel more inclined to eat as it would increase your appetite. Try instead to have an apple along with some peanut butter.
  3. If you’re too tired, don’t go for Redbull! The idea here is that though Redbull sound like the wises option, it would rather cause unpleasant side effects such as irritability and anxiety, due to its high levels of caffeine.
  4. If hot, drink hot! It makes sense–wait for it. In India, people are used to drinking a hot beverage during the hot weather, because a cup of tea, for example, would lead a person to produce more sweat, and that sweat eventually evaporates and cools off the body.
  5. If exhausted, go for a run! The idea here is that exercising energizes your fatigue and reduces depression and changes your mood.
  6. Don’t type. Write. Though typing your notes would allow for more space and room for huge amount of data, writing them down would actually be a better alternative, because it would lead you to memorize that which you’ve written down.
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In Denmark, Everyone Wants To Save The Climate




In an attempt to protect the environment, the country of Denmark has devised a new way with which it can inform the public with impact of consumed goods. Thereby allowing shoppers to be informed prior to making a purchase.

The idea is that food products will have stickers on them that show their environmental impact. This came as a proposal by the government and will establish the project by this week. “We want to give consumers the means to assess in supermarkets the environmental impact of products,” said the Minister for the Environment in Denmark.

This sure is a great idea. It allows for the general public to be informed and conscious about the surrounding environment.

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Health & Beauty

The First Smart Pharmacy Run by a Robot Just Opened in Saudi Arabia



Prince Fahd Bin Sultan just inaugurated Saudi Arabia’s first pharmacy of it’s kind; a smart one, at King Fahd Specialist hospital in Tabuk. The pharmacy that is operated by a robot can dispense 1,500 packages of medicine and deal with 240 prescriptions per hour. 

The smart pharmacy can also store over 20,000 packages of medicine and reject expired drugs. A highly efficient way to save time and ensure control over what goes out to patients.

This new initiative can help reduce medication and error and supply the highest safety measures, which benefits the whole community.

The Smart pharmacy, so far has six outlets with one that is specialized in serving people with special needs.

In his speech, prince Fahd also thanked King Salman and Crown prince Mohamad Bin Salman on always being so keen on bettering and supporting the health car area in Saudi Arabia.

How long do you think it’ll be until we get a smart pharmacy in Egypt, as well?

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