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Why Millennials Refrain from getting married



You might have attended a couple of weddings of your college colleagues last summer; however, more and more of us millennials are kind of avoiding and postponing the idea of marriage. Men and women alike seem to have other priorities and goals than getting wed-locked.

The obsession of getting married preferably as early as possible doesn’t exist in our generations, and the older ones just don’t get it yet. We can’t help but smile politely and forcibly when we are always asked when we are planning to settle down; “hanfr7 beko emta?” they always say.

So, here is to every “Tant” who still believes that the ultimate happiness only found in marriage, we have 4 reasons why we don’t really care about marriage:

Career Goals:

In the 21st century, little girls are still taught to grow up aspiring to be housewives; instead of looking for making something out of themselves, they are told to get a husband as soon as possible. Right now, we are old enough to realize that be successful is focusing on yourself and working as hard as you can to reach your career goals. Marriage don’t make you a successful person, your achievements do.

Travelling the World:

We are no longer waiting to get married to make our wishes come true, we do know that waiting till marriage to do the things we want is a myth. Some of us realized that they are capable of making our wishes coming true by being strong, independent and working as hard as we can. We are too busy saving money and planning our next trips around the globe.

Figuring out who you are:

Relationships is a hard work, it needs two mature compatible partners. In order to maintain a healthy marriage, you need to figure out who you are first. We have realized that being lost or not have an idea who we really don’t really qualify us to build a family.

Commitment Issues:

Yup, that is a 100% legit reason! Something about commitment makes us want to flee away. We would rather run free instead of being tied down to one person forever, the idea just sound re

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5 Reasons Why Your Crush Is No Longer Interested In You



We cherish it when we feel some sort of special connection with someone. You don’t feel special connections with people every day, which most of the times drives us to act a little bit insane and creepy in hopes to get that person with the special connections. However, in many cases we end up losing that person before we even start dating them exclusively.

So, before you creep out the person you like, and sit there wondering what went wrong, here are the possible actions you need to avoid:

Coming on too strong:

The following scenario is based on true life events: You saw someone for the very first time and you feel a spark. You go to them, talk, exchange numbers and the night ends well. What happens next is you call a lot, text and maybe go as far as telling that you like them so much even before going out on an official date. You might believe that former scenario says that you are nice, but in reality, it says you are a creep. Coming out too strong scares people away.

Don’t rush things and slow down.

Being too available:

Maybe you are leading a busy hectic life; but the moment the person you like texts, you throw everything away and become too available instantly. If you don’t show your crush that you have a life, you have plans, you need to get other things done; it might not work with your crush. Being too available all the time gives the false impression that you are someone who is needy with absolutely no life.

Too much enthusiasm:

It is cute to have butterflies and get excited when interacting with your crush. However, too much enthusiasm can be a turnoff to some people, specially if they are not acting as excited.

Be cool.

Doing all the work:


We can agree that you need to make effort to impress someone you like, you need to show them that you care. But, doing all the work and always going the extra mile doesn’t make you someone particularly interesting. You need to give the other person a chance to figure out what they actually and act accordingly, they need to make effort as well.

Sharing too much too soon:

Although it is nice when you feel comfortable enough to open up to someone, you need to filter what you share. Sharing too much too soon about yourself will probably leave the wrong impression about you. If not that, you are not leaving a room for the other person to ask you questions and truly get to know you.



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How It is Like to be the Only Single Friend in your Squad



I’m not sure if being the only single one in your close group of friends makes you the odd one or not, but it is sure thing that everyone’s change of behavior makes you feel odd. You, couples, need to stop feeling sorry for your single friends, they are fine.

Here are somethings that happen when you are only single one around your friends:

Couples hide their romance:

I don’t exactly know who should be weirded out when you are the only single person in a gathering full of couples, but it always seems like couples who are ones weirded out. In spite of their sincere intentions, it gets pretty obvious that couples around you are trying to avoid any kind of romantic acts. It is okay to be romantic with your partner around your lone single friends, the aren’t bothered as long as you don’t go too far.

Everyone tries to set you up:

Now your couple friends started to feel like your mother who just want you to get married to anyone and just finally get over the idea of how a single daughter. That is exactly how it feels like when you are out with your friends and they try to hook you up with their single friends hoping you guys will click, even tho they know deep down that this person is not technically your type. However, you can’t help but appreciate their genuine attempts even when they set you up with the wrong people.

Balancing it out:

You can see your best friends trying to balance between you, their best friend, and their partner. (Remember the times when you had your best friend all for yourself? Haha, never mind). Sometimes, they take balancing too far that they take you out with them and you just find yourself sitting there feeling like a third wheel.

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4 Annoying Things about Modern Dating



Dating: going out with someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested.

Now that we’ve established the definition of dating, I would like to ask the inevitable question, what happened to dating these days? Because Modern dating is confusing me and seriously I do not know anymore what to say or do.

You would think with all these social media platforms and dating apps that finding the one has become either; although it seems like there are plenty of guys/girls to date out there, it is in fact difficult to find someone decent, that you are actually emotionally and sexually attracted to, to date.

To wrap our heads around the concept of modern dating, we have spotted the 4 annoying things about it

Let’s hang out:

This phrase is so confusing beyond limits. It’s very generic and vague that I don’t understand if you are asking me out on a date or you want to get to know me as a friend or where are we going or are we actually hanging out?

Nevertheless, the sender doesn’t really give any information about the kind of hanging out

Give me details, I want to know what we are doing

Netflix and Chill:

When people say Netflix and chill, I take it literally. And I don’t mind to Netflix and chill because I love Netflix; but using it as a secret code for hooking up is just lame. It is a major turn off when someone asks me to Netflix and chill with completely the opposite intentions. How about honesty?

No Labels:

So we’ve been going out for few weeks now, maybe a couple of months; yet, it seems like the person you are seeing is dodging the label question. Here’s my problem, I want to know where we stand so I can move on with my life. If you don’t want exclusivity say it, if you want friends with benefits say it, if you don’t want to see me again, I would also like you to say it. Manipulation, uncertainty and dishonesty are just a waste of my precious time.


Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy partying every now and the; but going to a club is not a date! Seriously, how are we supposed to have a conversation and get to know each other if the music is louder than both of us?

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