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50 resolutions to help inspire yours and make your 2019 a much better year



Always remember that resolutions aren’t meant to make you feel stressed. On the contrary, you set your own resolutions as an attempt to be happier than the year before.

  1. Be kind to yourself.
  2. Pray more.
  3. Cope with your past.
  4. And let it inspire your future.
  5. Let those who hurt you go.
  6. Give yourself a break.
  7. Buy things that make you happy.
  8. Call that old friend of yours.
  9. Care for yourself.
  10. Take them out on a coffee date.
  11. Remind your people of how much you love them.
  12. But again, don’t forget to love yourself in the process.
  13. Go out more.
  14. But never take your quality time for granted.
  15. Enjoy solitary time but don’t get too comfortable in it.
  16. Don’t neglect your hobbies.
  17. I know you’re busy, but your family matters too.
  18. Find balance in everything you do.
  19. And let go of the things that give you uneasiness.
  20. Make a list of priorities for your goals.
  21. Make sure you achieve at least one of them.
  22. Exercise, not to lose weight, but because it’s healthy.
  23. Do yoga.
  24. Read more.
  25. Take online courses.
  26. Be nicer to animals.
  27. Be more environmental.
  28. And use less plastic bags.
  29. Recycle more.
  30. Do something that makes you uncomfortable.
  31. Draw, even if it sucks, just release your energy.
  32. Tell people more compliments, even to those you don’t know.
  33. Remind your parents of the extraordinary people that they are.
  34. Stop blaming yourself.
  35. Don’t pursue those who left you.
  36. Appreciate the ones who stuck through.
  37. Show your gratitude.
  38. Again, pray.
  39. Ask God to show you signs, ask God to relieve your pain.
  40. Travel, the destination doesn’t matter, just do it.
  41. Quit the things that harm you.
  42. Keep a journal, just a daily reminder that your days are full.
  43. If you find empty days, fill them!
  44. With dates.
  45. Maybe a run, or a walk.
  46. If you love someone, show them.
  47. But again, don’t forget to love yourself in the process.
  48. Know your worth.
  49. Never settle for less than what you deserve.
  50. Just be happy.
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What went down during this year’s Golden Globes




There is something about awards that leave us wanting to see more of it, especially when seeing celebrities off the screen and hearing them speak naturally.

This year’s Golden Globe was no different, it witnessed Lady Gaga speaking about how it is like to be a woman in the music business, Regina King’s powerful speech about gender parity to fake proposals and many more! Here are some of those significant moments that are going viral on the internet.

1. Taylor Swift makes an unexpected appearance

Earlier that night, she had surprised The Handmaid’s Tale with a video message. But turns out, Swift was already at the ceremony and made a significant entrance. Swift took on the stage with Idris Elba and presented the awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

2.  Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh proves to be the perfect pair for a host

At first, Andy Sambery and Sandra Oh seemed to be a random pair. But they proved everyone wrong with their delight and much fun hosting, they actually left the audience demanding to see this duo more on TV!

3. Sandra Oh becomes the first Asian to win a Golden Globe

The co host went home with her own prize, she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama for her role in Killing Eve.

“But mostly, there are two people here that I’m so grateful that they’re here with me. I’d like to thank my mother and my father.” Said Sandra Oh.

4. Rami Malek’s awkward moment with Nicole Kidman

After Rami Malek’s acceptance speech for his award as Best Actor, he hurried back onstage to celebrate the big win. When attempting to approach Nicole Kidman for a hug, the actress apparently didn’t notice him which left Malek at a very awkward position. The situation is alrady making memes on social media!

5. Jim Carrey spotted holding hands with Ginger Gonzaga

The couple were seen walking into the ballroom at the Beverly Hilton Hotel hand in hand, making their relationship official.

6. Lady gaga dyes her hair blue to match her dress

It’s not about the hair dye, it’s why she dyed it with this color that left us once again astonished. But oh well, it’s Lady Gaga and we just love her!

7. Lady Gaga cries as she wins Best Original Song

Lady Gaga burst into years at the announcement of her name. She then praised her co-writers Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt, saying that, “as a woman in music, it is really hard to be taken seriously as a musician and a songwriter …. they lifted me up, they supported me.”

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Rami Malek’s well deserved win at the Golden Globes




The Egyptian/ American star Rami Malek has won this year’s Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor, for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody as late Queen Freddie Mercury.

Actors who were also nominee for this award were Bradley Cooper (A Star is Born), Willem Dafoe (At Eternity’s Gate), Lucas Hedges (Boy Erased) and John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama award.

“I am beyond moved.” Stated Rami Malek as he accepted the award, the actor also showed gratitude for Freddie Mecury, “This is for and because of you, gorgeous.”


As for the movie itself, it has won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture- Drama.

Earlier that evening, Malek arrived to the red carpet accompanied with Queen guitarist Brian May, who has been praising Malek’s performance from the very beginning.

“He inhabited Freddie to the point where we even started to think of him as Freddie. Really remarkable.” Also adding that Malek deserves an Oscar for this role, so who knows? Maybe this is what’s next for Rami Malek.


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Netflix’s new series “You” is changing perspectives about the online world




Netflix has been keeping its viewers up with a number of terrifying series, such as The Haunting of Hill House, Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, and the movie Bird Box. All of which left the audience jaw dropped and clinging to their pillows, and now there is yet another show to be added to the list, “You.”

The story is based on a book by Caroline Kepnes and is starring Shay Mitchel, Elizabeth Lail and Penn Begdley who’s known for his role as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl.

The story begins with Joe, a bookstore manager, spotting the beautiful and aspiring writer Beck, and he falls in love with her. But to what extent? That is the problem.

If you begin the series without watching the trailer first, you’ll probably get the impression that it’s a rom-com.

A guy falling madly in love with a girl and going beyond everything to protect her, but when it becomes literal, that is when events take a twisted turn.

The series will leave you fearing two things, obsessive love and the internet. Those who watched the series now have a newly found respect for privacy, and would probably think twice before sharing every little detail of their lives online.

I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun for you, but it’s a must watch and I’ll just leave you with some of the comments from scared audience.

“I’ve just finished watching #YouOnNetflix and honestly? What. The. Hell. The Internet and social media is scary. I say as I’m posting on social media.”

“Not even 10 minutes into #YOU on Netflix and I’m creeped the f* out already.”

Now, it’s your turn to comment! Happy watching, and don’t forget your pillow.


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