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A true coffee sensation



If you’re a true coffee lover, and you know it when the aroma tickles your soul, the taste inflames your brain, and the ecstasy revives your being, then you need to pay a visit to” 30 North”.

It’s an up modern cozy place; a new Egyptian experience that indulges you in a variety of coffee beans. Tastes from all over the world are brought to your cup, whether it’s a Mexican Altura, a Ugandan Kilimanjaro or a Peruvian Chancamayo; a light roast or a medium roast, you’ll definitely find your match. Not only you get to choose your favorite coffee, you also get to choose how you like it done.  This urban place offers different choices of coffee and rich snacks

Let me share my experience with you. First entered, I met a very tempting deserts display then the coffee station. The waiter welcomed us warmly, and explained very carefully each type of coffee they serve and also all methods they have for processing coffee weather its V60, Aeropress, or Chemex.  He was very friendly, patient and well acquainted with what he’s selling. We got to smell and taste coffee before we make our order.

I was seated at a marvelous wooden table with wooden chairs that looked as if they were just cut from the tree, which added a natural aspect in opposition to the grey cement urban walls.  I got the menu and made the order.

First, we got a welcome bread basket with a genuine vegetable dip; more of sweet pepper, tomato and eggplant mix. The smell, and the taste of the fresh baked bread promised a good meal to come ahead, and my guess was true.

I started my day with chicken tempura sandwich. Oh my god! Chicken in the morning?! I thought so, but it’s really worth it: fresh finely marinated chicken tempura with caramelized onions, special souse and greens. It was just the right light taste- suitable for breakfast- not greasy not heavy.  It’s served with homemade chips, just to finish the taste. Afterwards, I definitely needed to sweeten my tongue before facing a new working day.  The answer was Neutella- fluffy- pancakes covered in snow sugar and strawberries. Could I ask for more? All topped with the taste of fresh brewed aeropress Ethiopia coffee.

My friend ordered mix cheese in brown Panini sandwich. Yummy cheese mix with special spread in freshly baked bread but missed some greens. She asked for it, and she got a plate of rocca, cherry tomatoes and fresh mushrooms. For desert, my friend had a large blueberry macaroon, Oh Wow! Crispy from outside, gooey from inside filled with jam and some white spread, a bit like a creamy cheese, the sugar taste was just perfect. Her experience wouldn’t have been a true extravaganza without a cup of Chemex Ethiopia. Though Chemex,which is the process of making coffee through high filtration, I found that it gives very clear coffee but it somehow the coffee taste is not as strong as it should be.

All in all, weather you are longing for a distinguished breakfast or you just need a supreme getaway during your coffee break, this is the place. 30 North is a true coffee sensation.

Norhan Emad TV Presnter at ALGhad TV channel & Content creator at What's up cairo.

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La Veranda At Concorde El Salam Cairo Hotel Is Our New Favourite Place



We have been invited to “La Veranda” at Concorde El Salam Cairo Hotel and our experience was super amazing. La Veranda is located at the terrace of the hotel with a wide variety of cuisines. You can sit in the open air, enjoy the atmosphere, served by professional staff, eating the best food, while witnessing the live show and band.

We were impressed and astonished by the variety of food and although we were five persons with different tastes but we shared together one table and everyone ordered from different restaurants. Yes yes you don’t have to split your seats if you want to eat italian and your partner wants to eat sushi; you can sit together and your order will come to you from different cuisines. We ate sushi, sea food pasta, mushroom beef, mix grill, fish, feteer and burger. La Veranda is a mix of international cuisines in one place, they have everything from sushi to egyptian feteer.

Can this get any better? Yes, actually, it can! Every possible Shisha flavor is available and they’re terrific.

Let’s speak a little about the creamy sea food pasta that we couldn’t love more, we loved it more than words could express because seriously, food is food and it’s only felt by the tummy no amount of words could describe how much the pasta filled our needs! Fresh ingredients and tasty!

Who seriously doesn’t like sushi these days? We loved every piece of sushi we ate that filled our stomachs with laughter and happiness!

The mushroom beef gave us the reason to love food even more! The ingredients couldn’t be better and the well done beef was amazing!

Sugar on top Feteer is the best kind of dessert anyone would ever want! We were craving the delicious Feteer filling our happy meter level!

Also, the amount of friendly staff couldn’t get any warmer, it really felt like home; sweet and comfortable!

All of that while witnessing a band who sings our favorite mix of latest hits then a show of dancers to keep us entertained.

So, we guess you had enough about the astonishing La Veranda so we think you should just go and check the place out! Promise, you won’t regret and you’ll even have your happy meter filled automatically just by sitting in the picturesque and intoxicating view!

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You Can Now Watch Films & Play PS in a Goddamn CAVE!



Behold, my fellow…cave lovers! Here’s everything we’ve been waiting for; a new hangout spot that is so different from anything we’ve known. Somewhere intriguing and fun! A place to enjoy your favorite activities while also rejoicing in the feeling of being on a scavenger hunt:

The Cave playstation hub & cafe will soon become your new favorite spot. The place is built to look like an inside of a cave, how cool is that?! I KNOW!  The Cave offers separate rooms for you and your friends to feel comfortable and at home when you play Fifa or when you decide to watch a film together.

The place is spacious and cozy and is located in Nasr City, Cairo.

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Best Breakfast Spots in Alexandria



The weekend is around the corner, so it’s about time for fresh air and yummy breakfast by the seaside. Alexandria is your best getaway as it’s only a two hour drive from Cairo. Plus, these days the weather is just perfect and the city is not too crowded compared to summer time.

As it goes without saying, when in Alexandria you have seafood for lunch or dinner, but what about the main meal of your day?

Aside from regular clichés, here are the best places to have a delicious breakfast in Alexandria:

1. Bruxies: new, original, and fresh

This comes at the top of the list because no one can beat their fresh bakery in Alexandria. They have an outstanding selection of bread, croissants, muffins, and doughnuts; all homemade freshly baked. They offer a mouth-watering breakfast menu with hearty omelets, a variety of sandwiches, desserts, and great coffee. I like the fact that everything about it is an Egyptian brand with international quality. Lately, they opened a new branch by the seaside in Stanly. You can google their other branches in Alexandria. Their prices are a little above average.

2. Alban Swissra “Swiss dairy”: an authentic Alexandrian trademark

You can’t go to Alexandria and not pay a visit to this local dairy shop. It’s not a fancy restaurant by any means, but it serves a memorable cheese experience. The once cosmopolitan Alexandria inherited many trades from all over the world. Making cheese, pastrami, and sausage is definitely one of them. It doesn’t really matter whether you dine in or take away, as you will be exposed to a great cheese extravaganza. This is a place for true cheese lovers. Cheese is the core of their menu with whatever addition you wish eggs, sausage etc.

Remember to save a spot for a yummy Halvah with the fresh cream sandwich as desserts. The little shop maintains an average price list. It can be spotted at Port Said Street in Camp Shezar area.

3. Rio café in Gleem: a bit of everything

You wish for a nice breakfast, literally by the sea, and midtown?   You got it all at Rio café in Gleem area. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee. The food is good, but its location and set up by the seaside is what makes it special. They offer variety of different cuisines, local and American breakfasts are served. Moreover, you don’t have to drive for a long distance to get there. It’s just located in midtown Alexandria. They have other branches but this one is highly recommended.

4. ElSheikh Wafik: a new meaning of sweet couscous

Couscous is a type of North African semolina in granules made from crushed durum wheat. It’s famous as a main dish with vegetables and beef. But have you tried it with milk and icing sugar? A totally different sensation offered by this local Alexandrian dessert shop, ElSheikh Wafik. A must try breakfast! Not only does it provide great energy, but it also boosts your mode too. Located in the famous old neighborhood of Bahary, ElSheikh Wafik serves traditional Egyptian treats like rice pudding with nuts, couscous and ice cream for really reasonable prices. You can dine in, or enjoy your order across the street by the beach. You can always enjoy your hot breakfast while taking a walk around the neighborhood enjoying the scenery of old houses and boats.

5. Zanilli’s ELMontaza: breakfast in the heart of the sea

Now head to the other end of the city, where you can have a great start for the day at Montaza gardens. This location is almost as if you’re in the middle of the Mediterranean. The restaurant overlooks an amazing view surrounded by water from three sides. Good Mediterranean/ international cuisine, nice music and a great place to take selfies. Honestly, at Zanilli’s El Montaza it’s not about the food as much as the whole atmosphere. It is a great chance to free your mind and soul and have a brand new restart of life. Their prices are above average.

In the end, I’ve got to remind you, there is always foul and falafel. And the best advice is to grab your sandwiches from local Alexandrian shops and head to the seaside. Enjoy your meal and the breeze.

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