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How people around the world celebrated the New Year



Skies are lit up? Check.

Countdown for the New Year? Check.

Enthusiasm? Check.

It’s definitely the spirit of New Year’s Eve, and this is how celebration around the world took place!

Fireworks lighting up the Ancient Parthenon temple atop the Acropolis hill during New Year’s day celebrations in Athens, Greece.

A stunning shot for the Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower through a bubble in Moscow’s Red Square, Russia.

Fireworks exploded over the Quadriga sculpture atop the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, Germany.

People amazed during the fireworks show that took place over a hill in Vienna, Austria.

Skies of Moscow’s red square colored with fireworks in Russia.

What did we say about enthusiasm? Spotted in times square, NY.

As if Fireworks weren’t good enough, London Eye takes on a more colorful look at the United Kingdom.

All lights everywhere, and that’s how Egypt celebrated NYE, in every district and that one is from Waterway.

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Out & About

NYE’s hot spots for 2018’s Grand Finale




Whether you’re a group searching for places to lit up your new year’s eve, or a couple wanting to end the year in a romantic spot, we have got you covered with the following list of places that will lavishly end 2018 and kick start 2019 the right way!

1- CJC- El Leila Dope.

Mustafa Amar and Hossam Hosny are joining CJC610 in celebrating its first ever NYE party! Composer and singer Hossam Hosny will start first with some of his uplifting songs, followed by Egyptian star Mustafa Amar who most of us grew up listening to his songs and will surely be singing along the lyrics, that shall bring us both joy and nostalgia.

2- Citron- Renaissance Hotel

Citron is serving NYE dinner buffet, you’ll be able to enjoy your romantic dinner with a live entertainment for an unforgettable night out.

3- OPIA- Black and White party

Prepare your black and white outfits for OPIA is throwing a B&W NYE bash with Khaled Sayes, Loai Khalifa and belly dancer Sherihan. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

4- The tap west- Let’s get wested!

Dance your night off on to the tunes of DJ Feedo along with the up and coming DJ Doggy Dogg, their tunes are guaranteed to get you dancing all night long!

5- The tap East- Shakedown

The East side of town will also have their fair share of partying with Kashouty who is giving the place its final “Shakedown” for the year.

6- Conrad Cairo Hotel

Feast on the diverse and world-menu of Conrad for their NYE dinner, they’re serving menus from worldwide cuisines, to save you from the confusion that follows the question of what she wants for dinner.

7- LE MÉRIDIEN- Accordion dinner

Enjoy a fancy Lebanese dinner along with a love performance by live accordion at Le Méridien Cairo Airprot’s Mezzeh restaurant.



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La Veranda At Concorde El Salam Cairo Hotel Is Our New Favourite Place



We have been invited to “La Veranda” at Concorde El Salam Cairo Hotel and our experience was super amazing. La Veranda is located at the terrace of the hotel with a wide variety of cuisines. You can sit in the open air, enjoy the atmosphere, served by professional staff, eating the best food, while witnessing the live show and band.

We were impressed and astonished by the variety of food and although we were five persons with different tastes but we shared together one table and everyone ordered from different restaurants. Yes yes you don’t have to split your seats if you want to eat italian and your partner wants to eat sushi; you can sit together and your order will come to you from different cuisines. We ate sushi, sea food pasta, mushroom beef, mix grill, fish, feteer and burger. La Veranda is a mix of international cuisines in one place, they have everything from sushi to egyptian feteer.

Can this get any better? Yes, actually, it can! Every possible Shisha flavor is available and they’re terrific.

Let’s speak a little about the creamy sea food pasta that we couldn’t love more, we loved it more than words could express because seriously, food is food and it’s only felt by the tummy no amount of words could describe how much the pasta filled our needs! Fresh ingredients and tasty!

Who seriously doesn’t like sushi these days? We loved every piece of sushi we ate that filled our stomachs with laughter and happiness!

The mushroom beef gave us the reason to love food even more! The ingredients couldn’t be better and the well done beef was amazing!

Sugar on top Feteer is the best kind of dessert anyone would ever want! We were craving the delicious Feteer filling our happy meter level!

Also, the amount of friendly staff couldn’t get any warmer, it really felt like home; sweet and comfortable!

All of that while witnessing a band who sings our favorite mix of latest hits then a show of dancers to keep us entertained.

So, we guess you had enough about the astonishing La Veranda so we think you should just go and check the place out! Promise, you won’t regret and you’ll even have your happy meter filled automatically just by sitting in the picturesque and intoxicating view!

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You Can Now Watch Films & Play PS in a Goddamn CAVE!



Behold, my fellow…cave lovers! Here’s everything we’ve been waiting for; a new hangout spot that is so different from anything we’ve known. Somewhere intriguing and fun! A place to enjoy your favorite activities while also rejoicing in the feeling of being on a scavenger hunt:

The Cave playstation hub & cafe will soon become your new favorite spot. The place is built to look like an inside of a cave, how cool is that?! I KNOW!  The Cave offers separate rooms for you and your friends to feel comfortable and at home when you play Fifa or when you decide to watch a film together.

The place is spacious and cozy and is located in Nasr City, Cairo.

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