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Italy’s Conte hails Egypt’s role in resolving Libyan issue: Radi



CAIRO- 13 November 2018: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met Tuesday, Nov. 13 with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte who welcomed Sisi’s participation in the Palermo Conference of Concerned Countries on Libya’s Issue.

“Conte said that Egypt is a cornerstone of achieving security and stability in the Middle East,” Presidential Spokesperson Bassam Radi declared Tuesday.

Radi noted that Conte asserted Italy’s keenness to boost bilateral cooperation with Egypt amidthe positive developments taking place at the economic level and the major projects that are meant to contribute to fostering social and economic progress.

Sisi hailed “positive developments” in the Egyptian-Italian relations and lauded enhancing the cooperation level in regional issuesof mutual interest, according to Radi’s statements.

“Both leaders discussed various topics including latest investigations of the murder of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni, in addition to fostering mechanisms of economic, commercial and investment relations between Cairo and Rome,” Radi added.

At the Libyan issue level, Radi manifested that Sisi and Conte discussed the latest developments of the Libyan topic, noting that “Conte expressed deep appreciation of the Egyptian role in restoring stability, security and supporting the national military institution in Libya.”

Sisi, along with officials from western countries, Arab states and Russia,attended the conference in Palermo. Sisi and Libyan Military Commander Khalifa Haftar both skipped the opening dinner on Monday evening, according to Reuters.

“Haftar had flown to the conference on Monday evening and was holding meetings on the sidelines, despite having said he would not participate. A photo showed him meeting Serraj in the presence of Italy’s Conte,” Reuters disclosed.

Italy hosts a conference seeking to reconcile Libya’s rulers a week after the United Nations shelved plans to hold an election in December.

Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj met Haftar in the Italian city of Palermo, an Italian government source told Reuters on Tuesday.

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Rashida Tlaib’s Thobe makes congressional history




Rashida Tlaib makes it to history by becoming the first Palestinian-American woman ever to serve in the U.S. congress, and her son upon hearing the news, said the most heart whelming thing ever, “See mama, bullies don’t win.”

A year ago, Tlaib had made the headlines even before running for the congress, it was when she was kicked out of an event that took place in Michigan, where Trump was speaking after interrupting the then-Republican presidential nominee to ask if he had ever read the Constitution.

Tlaib described this incident later on as, “the most American thing I could ever do.”

Now Tlaib and incoming Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota will be the first two Muslim women ever to be elected in the congress.

Tlaib showed up to her swearing-in ceremony in her Palestinian ‘Thobe’ that she wore very proudly, she says that putting on the ‘Thobe’ means the world to her mother.

She added, “Every child of immigrant parents knows what it means when … their biggest hope is that they want us to succeed, but they also don’t want us to lose a part of who we are.”

The congresswoman also wants to be sworn in on Quran and she considered using verses of Thomas Jefferson’s Quran; seeing that such a doing can symbolize that Islam has always been a part of America and thus fight any sort of discrimination against Muslims in the country.

It is just outstanding to see Tlaib not miss a second of her election in trying to change the Muslims’ situation in America, and for her to be able to maintain her identity after years of living in another country and showcase her heritage oh so proudly.

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Greenhouse Project to be implemented in Egypt




Egypt witnessed the introduction of a 34,000 feddan greenhouse project, last Saturday. The project is set to take place in north of Cairo and is inaugurated by President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi.

It is considered to be a massive project that will include more than 7,000 agricultural projects, it was implemented by the National Company for Protective Cultivation under the supervision of Chinese and Spanish firms.

The project aims at solving many of the issues that are facing Egypt at the moment, first off, it intends on saving water as well as providing more organic products. In addition to providing at least 75,000 job opportunities and increasing food production by yielding around 1.5 million tons of vegetables yearly.

Such a sustainability in food production aims at stabilizing the prices of the products nationally.

It’s impressive to see Egypt adopting to the idea of the greenhouse as an alternative, because of the instability that has been facing Egypt. Also considered to be a huge step towards saving water, and increasing food production to cover the needs of the people.


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“People to People” campaign: because there’s more to Egypt




The new “People to People” campaign takes a new turn in promoting for tourism in Egypt, under the supervision of Minster of Tourism Rania Al Mashat who decided to take campaigning in another direction. 

While other campaigns focus mainly on the sites and history of places, Al Mashat believes that the people of the country should be seen and heard. They should be given the chance to speak out loud about their own culture, and to reflect the Egyptian heritage. 

Al Mashat stated that the choice for the slogan “People to people” is because it starts with the letter P, which stands not only for people, but also peace, passion, pride, and progress. All the keywords that should be associated with the Egyptians in the minds of tourists. And an attempt to change any false stereotypes or assumptions about Egypt, the minister also referred to the many visits of international celebrities which also reflects a positive image to the world about the safety of Egypt.

Another important thing to highlight is the Grand Egyptian Museum and how it is set to be the largest museum in the world; thus being another major mean in promoting for tourism.  

In order for the campaign to move forward, Al Mashat explained that it will be divided into three pillars, the first one will focus on promoting for destinations, the second is the “People to People” campaign, where the focus will shift to people and correcting the false perceptions. The third and last will shed the light on the Grand Egyptian Museum that is set to open in the year 2020; which we hope to be Egypt’s way towards creating worldwide anticipation and promotion for tourism. 

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