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Post Long Holiday Syndrome: How to Avoid the stress



I doubt that anyone can put into words how scary and frustrating it is to go back to Cairo and mundane life after a long weekend. It was only yesterday when you woke up by the sea having a very lazy morning, and the next day you are running around your room getting ready for work; and instead of taking long walks by the beach, you get stuck for countless hours in Cairo traffic.

Well, we can’t agree more that the struggle is real, that we had to find some ways to adjust. Here are our thoughts to make the experience less traumatic:

There is no place like home:

Although I don’t agree 100% with that phrase, your home can make you feel less traumatized about going back to your materialistic routine. Feeling home after a long weekend can make you feel safe, relaxed and not so distressed about coming back after all. Try to make your place as homey as possible, decorate it the way it makes you feel comfortable and add something you bought from your trips to it. Keep your place tidy and clean before you leave for your vacation, because coming back to a messy room will only make you feel worse.

Light Up Incense:

For some reason, there is something holy about incense, despite the fact that there are few studies out there debunking the benefits of incense. Nevertheless, incense produces fresh scents that can help ease your stress. Light up incense once you go home and then peacefully go to sleep.

Enjoy Cairo:

It is unquestionable that Cairo has a beautiful side, from historical sights to fancy dinning by the Nile. An early morning run can ease you back to reality and help release any stress or tension, you can as well hang out at night and dine by the Nile or go watch that movie you’ve been waiting for in the Cinema. Despite the noise and the over crowded streets, Cairo actually can be fun.

You can check our cinema and events calendar for some inspiration.

Reunite with friends:

It is granted that being around your close friends makes you feel better; it is like you all know deep down that you are in this together. Not only intimate friends gatherings can make you feel good about going back home but also getting in touch with the ones you don’t see often.

Plan Your Next Escape:

Planning your next trip can also be a motivation to go on with your mundane tasks. As much as we can please ourselves in the big capital, longing for solitude is no shame; I mean, who doesn’t like lying by the beach alone quietly for some time?

In the of the day, try to enjoy every situation anywhere as much as you can, whether you are working hard in your full time job with your laptop, or listening to your favorite track by the sea.


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