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To all those who are graduating soon, and mostly to those who can’t wait to graduate soon, this is for you…

When I was in college, I worried so much about my grades and what the future is holding for me when I graduate. Am I going somewhere? What career is most suitable for me? Did I choose my major wisely? Is this where I should be? I worried so much that I wouldn’t find a job when I finish school, but mostly I was always so scared of finding a job but wouldn’t satisfy my creative needs, a job where I’d feel suffocated in.

The pressure shadowed me during the four years of college, the upside was that it pushed me to always do better, to do more. Take that job, it will look good on your CV. Follow that path, it will lead you somewhere near where you want to be.

Now that I graduated from college, landed a job, I realized something. It’s not a position that you should be seeking, because it will eventually come to those who work hard for it. The real challenge is in finding happiness in what you do, a comfortable environment to belong to. The challenge is in balancing between your work and social life, to still be able to maintain your relation with colleges and loved ones.

Happiness is in being able to balance the things that bring you joy; to feel a sense of accomplishments shouldn’t make you neglect quality time with your friends and family. Right now, this is my new aspiration, to be able to find the balance, between who I want to become and what I have to do in order to become it. To be able to walk away from things that causes me uneasiness. My aspiration is that through it all, I would be happy.

So for those worriers out there, working harder than they should, slow down and stop worrying. Stop overthinking the future and start living the actual moments, work hard because you want to not because you should to. Document as many moments as you can during your college years, make as many friends as you possibly can, because memories will all you have left and a few friends who stuck through.

If I could go back a year ago, I wouldn’t worry as much.; knowing now that it will eventually come clear, my purpose in life and the career I want to follow. You will try so many things until you reach for sure the job you want to pursue, so accept the failures because they get you one step closer to where you actually belong.

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Time to expand your 2019 resolutions list




It’s a new year, new you, right?

How about we make it a new year, new environment as well?

So along losing that extra weight that we all aim of doing, there are more important things that we should also consider losing.

You may have noticed recently that some restaurants have given up on using plastic straws, as an attempt to help the environment. Now the issue is, and one that Nas Daily has discussed in one of his recent videos, is that this is barely solving the issue because think about it, our plastic wastes aren’t limited to just these straws.

I’m not a core environmentalist, but what I do is simply refusing as many plastic bags or any other possible wastes as I can. And that is one of my resolutions, and here’s why it should also be yours:

  1. Egypt Produces annually about 16.2 million tons of Waste.
  2. 6% of this waste is about 970 Thousand Tons waste per year.
  3. Only 30 % of these are recycle and 5% are reused.

These plastic wastes end up getting burned –which causes pollution- or in water which causes not only pollution, but also harm the ocean’s ecosystem.

Here’s a list of suggestions to consider adding to your resolution list:

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To the last bits of 2018




Here’s what I learned…

  1. Hate is easy, to despise someone for the hurt they have caused is so easy, the challenge is in forgiving them, in focusing more on the good that they have once done to you rather than the wounds they have caused you.
  2. Letting go of a grudge doesn’t make you naïve, it makes you so damn strong, because again, forgiveness takes a whole lot more courage than holding on to rage.
  3. The happiness that comes from materialistic things doesn’t last long, unlike the memories that shape our lives. That is what truly counts, and that is why documenting moments should be your number one aspiration.
  4. It’s okay for people to leave, and it’s okay for you to grief their absence. What’s not okay, is for you to keep blaming yourself on them walking out on you. In the end, that was their choice and not yours. It was who you are and they knew it from the very beginning. So go easy on yourself, it’s not your fault.
  5. It all starts with you loving yourself, knowing your worth and then everything else follows. You’ll then be able to choose those worthy of being in your life, you’ll choose a healthier path, you’ll refuse certain treatments and let go of the toxicity in your life. You just have to learn your worth.
  6. Bringing joy to people in your life, brings you happiness in return. So want to feel better already? Remind those you love of how much they mean to you.
  7. One day, it will all be clear. Your purpose in life, what you want to do, who you want to become. It might be blurry right now, but I assure you, one day it will become clear and when that day comes, do everything in your power to fulfill that purpose.
  8. If you don’t seem to find that sliver of hope, then create your own. Be there for the people you love, their happiness will eventually make yours come to light.

And so to the last bits of 2018, I personally say that it is all okay. To the best friend who gave up on me, sorry I couldn’t do better. To my person who thought I was too much to handle, I’m sorry I couldn’t recover faster. To the grades I lost that made me not make it to the honor list, I’m sorry for not studying harder.

To the last bits of 2018, I say it’s all okay, because I’m now teaching myself to walk alone and to actually enjoy it. I’m learning to forgive, myself especially, for all that went wrong and to love myself even the bits I don’t fancy much.

Now, it’s your turn to do the same. Turn the page on all your sorrows and learn that when the time to walk away comes, walk with your head held up high, for 2018 didn’t fail you.

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Egypt investigates the act of terror that killed Vietnamese tourists




A roadside bomb hit a tourist bus yesterday near the Giza Pyramids, resulting in a death toll of four victims and wounding other tourists.

The bus was heading towards the Marioutiyah area, when the crude bomb went off that was hidden inside the bus, according the interior ministry. Vietnamese tourists are the victims of the attack, in addition to the Egyptian tour guide.

General Attorney Nabil Sadeq ordered an urgent investigation on the bus terrorist blast, he also affirmed in an official statement, the importance of accelerating the investigation as well as the forensic report to arrest the offenders involved.

In the light of this horrific incident, Egypt’s interior Ministry announced today that the security forces had killed 40 militants in North Sinai and in Giza, and that according to the state news agency, a large number of weapons and explosives were found during those raids.

But the hope remains to catch the terrorists responsible for yesterday’s inhumane incident.

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