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You’re Following The WRONG Diet



It’s safe to say that eating right is a way lot easier than it used to be, especially since the market is filled with options that satisfy any eating plan of your choosing. However, with so many foods readily available, it’s easy to stumble upon options that may seem innocently healthy at first but prove to be much worse than the foods you are trying to give up. So, we’ve prepared a list of food-swaps that may seem healthful to you, but they may not be so!


  • Glutin-free baked goodies!

    “Gluten-free does not mean it’s healthier,” Galvin Smith said. In fact, to make processed gluten-free products taste good, she said that companies often have to add more ingredients. Sometimes, this process allows gluten-free items to pack on more carbs and sugar than the regular version, she explained.
  • Organic cookies may not be better.

    “Organic cookies from a health food store do not usually provide additional nutritional benefits over conventional cookies,” said registered dietitian Summer Yule, MS, RDN. Many organic cookies are still loaded with added sugar and refined flour, she explained.
  • Low-fat milk vs. full cream.

    “I would argue that low-fat flavored milk is not beneficial over plain whole milk,” Yule told INSIDER. A cup of low-fat chocolate milk and a cup of plain whole milk contain about the same amount of calories, she said.
  • Cream cheese vs. light cheese (low-fat).

    Cream cheese may be a delicious alternative to cheese. However, Davidson explained that this food item is very low in protein. “One ounce (two tablespoons) of low-fat cream cheese contains about 70 calories and only about six grams of fat, but only two grams of protein,” she said. On the other hand, she noted that an ounce of cheddar cheese, although around 110 calories and nine grams of fat, contains about seven grams of protein.



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Is Egypt Experiencing Shortage in Potatoes?




Egypt’s authorities are stepping in to fight a potato shortage that has caused prices for the staple to double at a time when Egyptians are struggling with steadily rising food costs.

Certain newspapers and TV stations have been publicising raids on warehouses where authorities say businessmen are hoarding potatoes to try to drive up prices. While for the first time, the Interior Ministry has begun selling potatoes at reduced prices at temporary outlets, drawing long lines of customers.

Let’s wait and see how we’ll be able to tackle this one. Hopefully, we’ll get ourselves out of this one same way we have with other things.

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4 Shocking Facts About Food



Food is superrrr important (obviously) and in addition to its necessity for our bodily needs, some of us are actually crazy and very passionate about food. So as a tribute to that, we have come to you today with some SHOCKING facts about food!

  1. It’s legal to have hair or bugs in food. In the United States, the FDA passed regulations that state that “natural defects” in certain food products are allowed to have a specific amount of insects or rodent hair to be present in food. An example is canned mushrooms are allowed to contain up to 20 maggots to pass inspection. Eww!

  2. Decaf coffee is not 100% decaf. Most decaffeinated coffee is not completely caffeine free, as it contains small amounts of caffeine. For example, a decaf latte can have up to as much caffeine as in one can of cola. A decaf espresso can have up to 16 milligrams of caffeine.

  3. Cooked vegetables are sometimes more nutritious than raw ones. The amount of nutrition varies between the type of vegetable and how it is cooked. Boiling carrots provides more nutrients than raw carrots as boiling carrots releases the amount of antioxidants in the vegetable for consumption. However, cooking carrots can lower other compounds.

  4. Coconut oil is EXTREMELY powerful. One of the most healthful and powerful foods is coconut oil. It’s a healthy fat that can boost immunity, aid in heart health, and regulate metabolism. Numerous benefits are in coconut oil, and it can also be used in skin care. Coconut oil contains antioxidant properties that are antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial.

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Going To Bed? AVOID These Foods!



Woman Suffering from Stomachache on Sofa

Have you ever gone to bed and felt like your stomach was so full that it felt uncomfortable? Or even worse, have you ever got up in the morning and could still feel the food in your stomach from the night before? It feels super uncomfortable. It is also very common, and it happens when we eat certain foods at night; foods that do not get digested over the night. The good news is we can avoid that discomfort! Here’s a list of things (and food) that you shouldn’t have at night in order to sleep comfortably!

  1. Fat-filled food (fast food). Research shows that people who often eat these foods gain weight and their sleep cycles tend to get disrupted. Why? because heavy meal activates digestion

  2. Spicy food. Lying down with a full belly can make you uncomfortable, since the digestive system slows down when you sleep. It can also lead to heartburn, as can spicy cuisine

  3. High-protein food. Protein is great during the day. But not so much when you’re ready for bed. It’s harder to digest and contains the amino acid tyrosine, which promotes brain activity.

  4. Smoking. Even if it’s one of your favorite ways to unwind, smoking isn’t a good idea — night or day. Nicotine is a stimulant, with effects similar to caffeine.

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