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Here’s What Makes Amir Karara A True Superstar



From a TV presenter to super star breaking all records in this Ramadan season, Amir Karara has proved that he is a well established actor who always learns, works on himself and seeks for more and more achievements. The Egyptian actor, who is also known as “Basha Masr”, is breaking records with his Ramadan series “Kalbsh 2” and basically is scoring the highest viewing rates on Youtube.


The success of this moslsal got fans asking for a third season, but so far there are no updates on that matter.

If you haven’t got enough of Amir Karara this Ramadan, you can catch him up this upcoming Eid in the new movie “Karmouz War”, the movie is expected to be a huge hit.

Karara isn’t just an excellent actor, he is also very supportive and encouraging of literally everyone in the entertainment industry; and he always takes to his Instagram to voice his support:


Congratulating his friends:

مبروك يا صحبي يالي مشرفنا❤️

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Voicing His opinion apologetically:

معلش في اللي هقوله وانا مش متعصب كره قدم قوي مبروك لمنتخبنا الجامد ومبروك لرجالتنا الي شرفوا مصر كلها بس شوفو ازاي احنا مبسوطين اننا رايحين كاس العالم واسمنا مش هنشارك غير بقلبنا وهنتفرج في التليفزيون في راجل خدم البلد دي وشارك في كل بطولتها وكان حلموا انوا يروح كاس العالم وولادو ا يفرحوا بيه ويفتخروا بيه ووانا عارف ان كل متخب مصر بيحب الراجل ده ومصر كلها عارفه انوا هيفرق مع منتخبنا واكيد مش وقت عند اتمني اني اشوفك في كاس العالم عشان هيبقي ليه طعم تاني وانت في الملعب من حقك تروح كاس العالم🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬 )شكرا كابتن حسام غالي)

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Showing off his team:


Showing Respect:

الزعيم واحد بس 💣

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Cherishing memories:



Applauding for Perfect Scenes:

الله عليك يا صحبي👊

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Wishing everyone success:


Supporting our national football team:

ربنا معاكو يا رجاله مصر

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on

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#adventures_boy : Nabil Eissa



Guess who’s here? Yes, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! It’s Nabil Eissa!
So we had a little sit down on the roof with the famous actor, بطة مامي aka Nabil Eissa, and we were honestly surprised to know these facts about him! Keep reading to find out what he told us but first here are a little information about him.

Photographer: Mahmoud Abdel Salam
Stylist: Youmna Moustafa
Outfits From Amna El Shandawily

Nabil is a 39 year old Egyptian performer. His career first started when the Egyptian comedian actor, Mohamed Heneidy, assigned him his debut role in the production of “Ya Ana ya Khalti”. Thereafter his career in cinema progressed.

We were on the edge of our seats to get to know him more! We know how much he adores traveling so we decided to ask him first about which does he prefer, Sahel Or Sinai?

His response was fast, quickly stating that he prefers Sinai. Curiosity kept growing into us so we decided to ask if he would describe himself in a hashtag, what would it be?

Being the ambitious, creative and comedian he is, he chose “#Adventure_Boy” which earned a smile from all of us!

Buzzing with excitement, we decided to ask about what’s the most adventurous thing has he ever done?

With all the enthusiasm in the world, he answered “I’ve traveled all around my country, Egypt. I’ve visited all the eye catching places in Egypt. Also, Asia is quite adventurous itself so, I traveled to some places in Asia such as Thailand and some other islands in Thailand. However, I’m planning to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia soon!”

Being as childish as we could be, we decided to cause a media circus by asking him what kind of superpower will he want to have?

Earning from Nabil a smile, he caught up in the moment and replied, “Definitely teleporting from a country to another! From here to Thailand and from Thailand to the United States in a second, that would be amazing!”

Next, our curiosity couldn’t stop us from asking if he wasn’t an actor, then what would he want to be?

As much as we know how much he appreciates traveling, he said that he would want to work a lot in many fields but what really caught his eye and Nabil being the adventurous boy he is, he wanted to own a yacht and be the captain so he would have the chance to travel all around the world!

A question that we all wanted to ask was, what’s his dream destination?

“I’d like to visit New Zealand and many islands such as Seychelles.” Nabil stated, enthusiasm and ambition clear in his eyes.

Full of anticipation, we bluntly ask about the most beautiful country has he ever visited.

He quickly answers with a smile, “Thailand. To be more precise, an island called Koh Phangan. Also, Koh Tao which is an island in Thailand that is an hour away from Koh Phangan and they’re pretty amazing. I’ve been visiting these two islands every summer for the past three years, just couldn’t get enough of them because how beautiful and affordable they are!”

Grinning, we asked about what he prefers more Mountains or the sea?

Nabil blunts says, “Both of them are amazing but I prefer the sea. It’s just the kind of person I am, I’ve always loved water sports such as scuba diving, diving and lastly, water polo! I always love the water whether it’s the sea or the pool!”

We kind of did get curious about asking why is he living in the roof? His answer was clear to us now that he loves nature. Quoting him, “I can’t live in a closed room, I just like looking at the sky. I love nature, I love trees and I love the sky. I love nature so I’d rather stay in an open area room.”

We couldn’t control ourselves from asking him if people calling him بطة مامي bothers him and honestly, we were praying on the inside that it doesn’t!

Thankfully, it doesn’t!

He laughed and said, “The storyboard was terrific and that’s the reason why I loved the commercial! Of course, I was laughed at in the streets and people calling me “Batet Mamtak” and things like that but I think it’s cool, it’s okay!”

To end this cool and light interview, we asked about what’s his wish for the coming years?

Earning from him a bright smile, he said, “Health and God’s protection, of course! Successful in my job and be loved by many, too! That’s all!”

And we’d like to wish him good luck into his future!

Fun facts about Nabil Eissa:
– He loves cooking!
– He can barbecue excellently!

We had so much fun interviewing this bright, fun, ambitious and adventurous actor and we’d like to thank him so much!

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Demi Lovato Isn’t “Sober” Anymore After Overdose Heroine




Singer Demi Lovato is awake and with her family after being hospitalized earlier Tuesday, according to a statement from the singer’s representative.

A source close to Lovato’s family said that the singer’s hospitalization was the result of an apparent drug overdose.

“Demi is awake and with her family, who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support,” said the statement from Lovato’s representative. “Some of the information being reported is incorrect and they respectfully ask for privacy and not speculation as her health and recovery is the most important thing right now.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department received a call at 11:22 a.m. for a medical emergency and transported a 25-year-old woman to a hospital.

A senior law enforcement confirmed that Lovato is at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She is stable, conscious and breathing, thankfully.

Lovato was not partying alone before she was found unresponsive in her Los Angeles home and her family and friends had feared she was hanging out with people who were encouraging her drug habit. The source also said Lovato was dating someone her family wanted her to stay away from.

Lovato’s family is now focused on providing a clean, safe place for the singer to heal. Lovato’s friends reportedly used the medication Naloxone, sometimes referred to as Narcan, which can reverse the effects of opioid overdoses to treat the 25-year-old after she was found unresponsive at her home Tuesday morning.

“I think it was very wise for her friends, or family, or whoever it was to have Narcan on hand. They probably saved her life,” addiction psychiatrist Dr. Laurence Westreich said to CBS.

However, on Wednesday afternoon, a source close to Lovato denied reports she had been treated for an overdose of heroin.

Demi Lovato’s famous friends are rallying around the singer in light of news about her hospitalization.

“i love u @ddlovato,” singer Ariana Grande wrote on Twitter.

Singer Missy Elliott wrote, “You just never know what people are going through so please have compassion & no jokes,” she said. “But let’s be encouraging so she will get the help she needs.”

A representative for Lovato did not immediately return request for comment.

“So sorry to hear about Demi Lovato being hospitalized. Sending love and healing prayers to her,” talk show host Wendy Williams wrote.

Singer Lily Allen called Lovato a “beautiful spirit” and expressed hope that Lovato “makes a full recovery soon.”

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres added: “I love @DDLovato so much. It breaks my heart that she is going through this. She is a light in this world, and I am sending my love to her and her family.”

Lovato has been open in the past about her struggles with addiction.

In March, she celebrated six years of sobriety, but admitted in June that she’d suffered a relapse.

“My whole heart and my whole soul is with @ddlovato today. I adore you and so does the entire world,” actress Ruby Rose wrote. “You will fight this and you will come out of it even stronger. Addiction is powerful beyond measure, but you can defeat it.”

“I love you @ddlovato and I’m praying for your strength and health,” Emmy Rossum added.

Tyra Banks added, “Addiction is not a choice. My heavy heart sends healing love to @ddlovato, and I pray she recovers fully and with great health.”

Lovato’s fans also came together in light of her hospitalization, using #PrayForDemi and #StayStrongDemi. The terms sat at the top of Twitter’s list of trending topics in the hours following the news.

Lovato’s hospitalization comes just weeks after the singer, who has struggled with substance abuse, revealed she had recently suffered a relapse.

The pop star made the revelation about the setback in a single, “Sober,” released late last month.

Lovato, who turns 26 next month, said in March that she was celebrating six years of sobriety.

The singer has spoken candidly in interviews about her use of cocaine and addiction to alcohol, as well as mental health issues and an eating disorder.

“Sober” did not reveal the nature of Lovato’s relapse.

“I’m sorry for the fans I lost who watched me fall again,” Lovato sings in “Sober.” “I want to be a role model but I’m only human.”

The lyrics also include Lovato singing, “I’m sorry that I’m here again. I promise I’ll get help.”

Lovato was supposed to appear on the Tuesday night episode of the Fox game show “Beat Shazam,” which is hosted by Jamie Foxx, but a network spokesperson said the show would air a different episode in its place “in light of recent reports.”

Lovato taped her guest appearance on the show in December 2017.

Lovato was next scheduled to perform on Thursday in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but her appearance has been canceled, unfortunately.

Lovato got her start in entertainment at age ten as a regular on the children’s series “Barney & Friends.”

That led to guest roles on TV shows like “Prison Break” and “Just Jordan,” followed by Disney Channel’s “As the Bell Rings.”

Lovato’s role as aspiring singer Mitchie Torres in the Disney TV movie “Camp Rock” introduced the world to her musical talent. Her debut album, the pop-rock “Don’t Forget,” released in 2008.

As a regular on the Disney series “Sonny with a Chance,” and Lovato became one of the network’s brightest young stars.

Her second album, “Here We Go Again,” released in 2009.

After three seasons on “Sonny with a Chance,” Lovato announced she was leaving the show to focus on recording and her third album, “Unbroken.”

She later had a recurring role on the Fox series “Glee” and served as a judge on the reality singing competition “The X-Factor” for two seasons.

Lovato’s self-titled album, “Demi,” released in 2013. Her albums “Confident,” which earned her a Grammy nomination, and “Tell Me You Love Me” followed.

Her hits like “Skyscraper,” “This Is Me” (a duet with ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas) and “Sorry Not Sorry” firmly established Lovato as a pop superstar.

Lovato’s most recent North American tour leg, which ran from February to April, grossed more than $20 million, according to tracking by Pollstar.

Citing production issues, Lovato postponed the South American portion of her tour in April.

She last performed July 22 at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles, California.

Just two days earlier at a concert in California, Lovato had trouble remembering the lyrics to her recently released emotional ballad “Sober” and walked off stage.

In “Sober”, Lovato admitted she relapsed after six years of sobriety. She’s been in rehab twice before, the first time at age 18. Still, her overdose took fans and fellow artists, including Meghan Trainor, by surprise.

“I didn’t know it was that bad,” Trainor said.

Lovato’s family is going to do everything in their power to help get Lovato back on track and are making plans to get her straight into rehab.

We, The What’s Up Cairo Team, send our love and kind regards to Demi Lovato and we hope her a speedy recovery!

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Egyptian Celebs Who are Really Digging the Keke Challange



Earth belongs to Drake because right now, the #Inmyfeelingchallenge is taking over the goddamn planet! After comedian @theshiggyshow posted his own moves dancing to Drake’s latest hit, with the lyrics “Keke, do you love me?”, the rest of damn world fell in line and started doing the same. Arab celebs are going crazy for the challenge, too! Check this out:

1. Dorra Zarrouk


2. Lara Scandar


3. Reham Ayman


Some fun 😎 #myfeelingschallenge#kiki#kikichallenge#tryit#keepsafe#fun#summer#rehamayman

A post shared by Reham Ayman (@rehamaymanofficial) on

Some celebs decided to add their own touch to the challenge by literally trading in Drake’s song for something more, well..Egyptian:

4. Dina El Sherbiny


5. Yasmine Raeis



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