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Here’s What Makes Amir Karara A True Superstar



From a TV presenter to super star breaking all records in this Ramadan season, Amir Karara has proved that he is a well established actor who always learns, works on himself and seeks for more and more achievements. The Egyptian actor, who is also known as “Basha Masr”, is breaking records with his Ramadan series “Kalbsh 2” and basically is scoring the highest viewing rates on Youtube.


The success of this moslsal got fans asking for a third season, but so far there are no updates on that matter.

If you haven’t got enough of Amir Karara this Ramadan, you can catch him up this upcoming Eid in the new movie “Karmouz War”, the movie is expected to be a huge hit.

Karara isn’t just an excellent actor, he is also very supportive and encouraging of literally everyone in the entertainment industry; and he always takes to his Instagram to voice his support:


Congratulating his friends:


Voicing His opinion apologetically:

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معلش في اللي هقوله وانا مش متعصب كره قدم قوي مبروك لمنتخبنا الجامد ومبروك لرجالتنا الي شرفوا مصر كلها بس شوفو ازاي احنا مبسوطين اننا رايحين كاس العالم واسمنا مش هنشارك غير بقلبنا وهنتفرج في التليفزيون في راجل خدم البلد دي وشارك في كل بطولتها وكان حلموا انوا يروح كاس العالم وولادو ا يفرحوا بيه ويفتخروا بيه ووانا عارف ان كل متخب مصر بيحب الراجل ده ومصر كلها عارفه انوا هيفرق مع منتخبنا واكيد مش وقت عند اتمني اني اشوفك في كاس العالم عشان هيبقي ليه طعم تاني وانت في الملعب من حقك تروح كاس العالم🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬 )شكرا كابتن حسام غالي)

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Showing off his team:


Showing Respect:

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الزعيم واحد بس 💣

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Cherishing memories:



Applauding for Perfect Scenes:

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الله عليك يا صحبي👊

A post shared by Amir Karara ابو سليم (@karara.amir) on


Wishing everyone success:


Supporting our national football team:

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Rami Malek, Egypt’s pride and joy!




Rami Malek’s nomination for a Golden Globe, leaves us once again feeling proud! 

Rami Malek got nominated for a Golden Globe award as Best Actor in a Motion picture- Drama, for his role in this year’s hit, Bohemian Rhaosody, as Freddie Mercury. The movie is also nominated for the Best Motion Picture, but we all know who we will be rooting for during the awards, Rami Malek! The Egyptian heritage, who got to perform such an iconic role in a movie recommended by the whole world. 

Malek explained during an interview that in order for him to nail such a role, he actually watched Mercury’s original 1985 Live Aid performance more than 1.500 times! Talk about persistence ladies and gentlemen, can we be more any proud? 

He also added: “That’s something we tried to get move for move, even just gesture for gesture perfectly.

“It felt like I had it in my bones and I didn’t want to keep going back to it. It felt like sometimes you would lose a little bit of the authenticity if you tried to nail it so perfectly.” Rami Malek is nominated along with other outstanding celebrities, Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born, Willem Dafoe in At Eternity’s Gate, Lucas Hedges in Boy Erased and John David Washington in BlacKkKlansman. But we hope to celebrate his win nonetheless, and soon! 

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The Cool, Funny, And Entrepreneur Ramez Youssef



We enjoyed our interview with Ramez Youssef big time. We asked him about tayarah, his favourite type of food, and cars.

Ramez gave us the secret that if he got the chance to act 50 shades of grey he wants to act it with Eva Mendes. He answerd us that he loves John Steward and takes him as a role model.

We asked him about the craziest thing he has ever done he said that once he booked a flight and traveled a week without any previous plans neither telling anyone. Regarding his dream destination he wants to visit cuba.

Ramez told us a sad story about the dog he used to have for 16 years, who passed away and since then he cannot have any other dogs. On another note we asked him about his dream future wife he answered that she should understand him, cook well, and be successful in her career.

We enjoyed our interview with Ramez Youssef and here is the full video and pictures. Hope you enjoy it too guys.

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Heartthrob! Rami Malek Is Charming Us With His Broken Arabic



Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Egyptian-American superstar/heartthrob, Rami Malek, who seems like he’s going to keep charming us with his broken Arabic every once in a while.

Last year, a BBC Arabic interview by Husam Sam Asi with Malek went viral as the Mr. Robot lead actor spoke in his parents’ mother tongue. It was the first time for us, Egyptian fans, to hear him casually utter words like shukran, masr, and Alhamdulillah; Arabic for thank you, Egypt, and, thank God consecutively. We were all surprised with our jaws dropping.

Now, after finally getting used to the actor’s accent, he is no longer hesitant to throw in an Arabic word here and there during his interviews with the Arab media. Lately, two more interviews began circulating on social media; one with Patrick Abboud and another one with Husam Sam Asi. He mainly talked about his new lead role in the biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, portraying none other than Queen’s legendary Freddie Mercury! Add to that some extra juice on Malek’s ethnic background, his expectations, and even things you probably never knew about Mercury!

He confessed that he thought he’d never make it in Hollywood as an Arab

Bearing Malek’s Egyptian roots in mind, the actor probably never thought he’d go beyond roles like King Tut’s for instance. He didn’t have high expectations for himself in the industry as it was not that easy for an Arab to make it big in a place like Hollywood.

Rami told Abboud, “For a long time I thought, ‘I’m not gonna get this. There’s no way I’m going to play the lead of a television series!” He then added, “I did not think that, that would be the case. It was not dominated by actors who look like me or you or had names like us.”

Today, Malek is proudly a Primetime Emmy Award winner, he also has earned himself the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series. And now, his role in Bohemian Rhapsody might be Malek’s gate to even more nominations and who knows, he might land himself an Oscar!

Malek and Mercury actually have things in common

Turns out that Freddie Mercury is nothing but a stage name for Farrokh Bulsara. He was originally born in Zanzibar to Parsis parents and lived in both India and London. Later on, when he formed Queen, he legally changed his name to Mercury. Hence, they’re both immigrants who made it to the big-time when they thought they couldn’t!

Rami finally assured our speculations made about the lyric “Bismillah” in Bohemian Rhapsody

If you’re a hardcore Queen fan, Bohemian Rhapsody must be your favorite song! Out of all the lyrics, one word, in particular, caught the attention of every single Arab out there. We were all probably like, “did he just say bismilliah?” You probably had your doubts as well and speculated for years, but Rami Malek just put your doubts to an end. Yes, Freddie Mercury did mean to say bismillah, Arabic for “in the name of God.”

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