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Malek Rahbani: The Young Talent from Rahbani Third Generation



It’s true the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In a family that has been enriching the Middle East and the world with music, poetry, and theatrical play for over 60 years now…

It is not strange for the younger generation from that family to have a keen eye for arts.

Malek Rahbani grandson of Legendary (Composer & Playwright) Mansour Rahbani, and son of (Director, Producer & Composer) Marwan Rahbani; has taken on (Acting& Writing) and is pursuing them to the utmost of his abilities. Malek is for the first time collaborating with his brother Mansour (Director& Producer) as well as Tarek (Composer) his other brother in creating a new TV series called Jungle Law “Shariaat El Ghab”. The series is directed by Mansour and Written by Malek and lead actress Aline Lahoud. Tarek is composing the musical score. Malek said to us that his role in this series is one of his most challenging. We’ve known Malek in previous works like The Streets of Humiliation, The Teenagers, and Caramel. Malek said” This has been one of my favorite experiences because I get to collaborate with my brothers whom I trust to push me to my very best. I also can’t wait for the audience to look at what we have achieved.” The series that runs for 30 episodes has finished shooting and is now in the process of editing and will be released sometime next year on Lebanese channels.

Malek aspires to becoming a worldwide known actor, and already provided his profile details to specialized casting offices based in Los Angeles like Arab American Casting (A.A.C) which supports actors from the Middle East which have attached Malek for future film roles. Malek is not in a hurry for fame. He’s happy with the roles he embodies with love and craftsmanship; He desires to pursue the roles that help him show his talent, through which he can have an impact on the public, and draw the attention of directors and writers who would offer him complex roles to show his skills, thus giving him the opportunity to go from the Arab world and the region, to Hollywood and the world.

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Beyonce and Jay Z Drop a Surprise Album and IT IS EVERYTHING!



This happened last night when we were all asleep! but seriously what is better than waking up to a surprise album by Queen Bey herself and her husband in Eid? well, literally nothing!

This is not the first time Beyonce drops an album out of nowhere and leaving her millions of fans all over the world screaming out of excitement; this is time  she brought her husband and international Rap artist, Jay Z, he also owns “Tidel”, the label company who owns the new album exclusively.

The new album is titled “Everything is Love” and this album is already our summer anthem! The couple also released the very first music video of the album with a track called “Apeshit”



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We Have all your Favorite Khaled El Nabawy Hilarious Videos Right Here



Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you still aren’t in on the whole Khaled El Nabawy shenanigan. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got you covered.  Are you ready to embark on the most ridiculously entertaining journey ever?? Well, here we go then:

1. When your annoying brother tries to wake you up

2. “Dana gayeblek ma2zoun el 3eila”

3. The art of gift giving

4. When you want to propose to your girlfriend

5. When your crush tells you their real name

6. The most romantic dance, ever!

7. When Khaled tried to sacrifice himself

8. When you know you like each other and just keep tip toeing around it


10. When your crush is avoiding you

11. How to feed your crush

12. The Grand Finale

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Tamer Morsi: Meet the Man Behind the Best Ramadan Series



There is no doubt that you have noticed the logo of “Synergy” in the beginning of so many series.

Synergy is a production company that produced so many Ramadan series like “Kalbsh”, “Rasyel”, “Roba’ Romy”, “Malika” and “Ayoub. So who is the man behind all of these?

Synergy Founder:

The genius behind Synergy is Tamer Morsi, an Egyptian producer who succeeded in such a short time to establish himself as one of the best producers in the industry in Egypt. Tamer founded Synergy more than a decode ago, and through it he introduced many hit series and shows starting from “Hak Mashroo”, “Alb Mayet” to the latest series this Ramadan.

Egyptian Media Group:

Tamer Morsi is currently the CEO of the Egyptian Media Group.He was appointed the position just few months ago, back in February of this year. The reason behind choosing him for such a big position was his long experience in the Media industry, Tamer Morsi has been in this field for over 25 years, and the company he founded produced many series that gained him a huge success.

Big Production:


Tamer Morsi was the man behind lots of Adel Imam successful series, such as “The Naji Atallah Team” and “Saheb AlSa’ada”. Tamer Morsi and Adel Imam worked together for so many years. Last year, Imam announced he left Synergy to join “Magnum”, a production company owned by his son Rami Imam.

The Egyptian producer revealed that he is willing to found a film production company dedicated to the big screen after his success in television.

Tamer also produced ‘YES, I’M FAMOUS,’ which featured several international mega stars, including Leonel Messi and Adel Imam.

Tamer Morsi was supposed to produce a show called “Fame” or “Al-Shohra”, the show was supposed to document Amr Diab’s journey in the entertainment industry but it got postponed for unknown reason.

We believe we will be seeing a lot of great production from Synergy and Tamer Morsi!


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