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Vintage Photos of Princess Fawzia that are Absolute GOALS



“From princess to Empress to forgotten royal” As The New York Times puts it. The Egyptian princess turned Iranian and Egyptian Queen after marrying Mohamed Reza, the Iranian prince; was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. King Farouk’s sister was a true royal knockout, not only for her looks but also for her class, sophistication and the fact that she spoke French, English and Arabic fluently. After giving birth to princess Shahnaz, news of the Empress falling ill as a result of neglect started echoing through the walls of middle eastern palaces, eventually reaching Cairo, something that lead to the divorce of her highness and the Shah of Iran. Fawzia then returned to Egypt without her daughter, got back on her feet and got married for a second time to a royalist officer named Ismail Cherine, whom she had two children with. Unfortunately, by then the Egyptian people were on the verge of turning against the royal family and the rest is history. Unlike other members of her family who fled the country, princess Fawzia decided to stay in Egypt with her husband. As the years went by, the former queen faded more and more into the blemished background of a fallen kingdom. But no one could ever forget Fawzia’s poise and grace, and this post is a mere reminder of her:

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Sherry Adel & Moez Massoud Just Tied the Knot!



Shery Adel & Moaz Massoud

So, apparently actress Sherry Adel and Islamic preacher, producer and TV presenter Moez Massoud got married a few months back after Massoud ended things with his ex-wife. However, the news were only announced on Wednesday. Sherry is Massoud’s third wife and the star of his hit Ramadan 2018 TV series “Al Seham Al Mareqa”.

Sherry Adel was born in 1988 and has been acting since she was a kid in various TV ads, up until her rise to fame with films like “Hassan W Morqoss” and “Bolbol Hayran”.

Moez Massoud was born in 1978 and was dubbed one of the world’s top 5 Islamic preachers by The Economist in 2011. He has been presenting TV shows annually since the success of “Al Tareeq Al Sah” a few years back. The preacher also helped produce big projects like the 2016 film “Eshtebak” and this year’s TV series “Al Seham Al Mareqa”.

No further statements were made on the matter, although some people are giving themselves the full rights to criticize and ridicule the marriage. And to all of you nosy fellas, we say:

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Hollywood Celebrities you didn’t Know had Arab Roots



Wentworth Miller

As you may know, since America is considered a new country that’s only a couple of hundred years old; every single American person has roots that belong to other ethnicities and some of these are Arab. So, here’s your list of the seven beloved Hollywood celebrities that have Arab roots:

1. Wentworth Miller

The Prison Break hunk’s mother is part Syrian, part Lebanese

2. Vince Vaughn

Vaughn’s paternal grandmother is part Syrian, part Lebanese

3. Jenna Dewan Tatum

The Step Up star & Channing Tatum’s ex-wife (We’re still salty about that) has a mix of Lebanese-Polish origins from her father’s side

4. Zoe Saldana

The Sci-Fi Stunner has Lebanese and Haitian roots even though her mother is Puerto Rican and her father is Dominican

5. Teri Hatcher

The Desperate Housewives star is half Welsh, half Syrian

6. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek’s paternal grandfather is Lebanese

7. Tony Shalhoub

The Monk star’s parents are both Lebanese

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Arab Celebrities who don’t Look a Thing Right Now Like They Used to: Plastic Surgery Edition



Think money can’t buy happiness? Well, think again because we have a long list of female celebrities whose careers didn’t kick off until they went under the knife and completely changed their looks. Some have even become unrecognizable because of the amount of plastic surgeries that have been done on their bodies and faces. Enjoy the ride:

1. Nancy Agram

2. Nagwa Karam

3. Haifa Wahbe

4. Maya Diab

5. Ahlam

6. Angham

7. Diana Karazon

8. Razan

9. Asala

10. Nawal El Zoghby

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