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Fluffy With The Wooden Leg!




Fluffy The Wooden Legged is an average guy who lives in the city of Diedrich. Fluffy wakes up at 08:05 and tries to dress up very fast in order to go to work (which starts at 08:00, but Fluffy is a lazy idiot.).

Fluffy arrives late to work as usual. His boss gives Fluffy a hard time, but eventually lets it slide. Fluffy then proceeds to the kitchen in the office, where he makes his delicious morning coffee: a decaf. He socializes with a co-worker, and then proceeds to his office.

During lunch hour, Fluffy likes to jump outside and head to Assburgers, which is a local restaurant that serves the most unhealthful food. Fluffy would orders his regular lunch that consists of the signature burger, and root beer. He finishes his lunch and then rushes back to the office to continue his duties.

Come five o’clock, Fluffy gets super excited. He gets to go home now. Finally done with work and can now drive back home where he can lay on the couch and watch Netflix. But when it is almost nine, Fluffy’s most primal desire hits him. He now wants to fulfill a desire. The desire to meet someone, or maybe sleep with someone. Fluffy doesn’t want to take any risks, though, so he immediately goes online and browses through one of those online dating websites. A girl named Nonabel. They chat for about thirty minutes, and then agree to meet on the same night. They end up meeting and they sleep together. Fluffy wakes up the following morning and goes to work.

One day after work, Fluffy receives a notification from an online store stating that they “now have the most intelligent being that we’ve all been waiting for: Kyra. Hurry up and pre-order your intelligent life companion!” Fluffy hesitates no further, and immediately places an order. Kyra arrives to Fluffy’s front door after a month. He invites her and gets to know her. Kyra is an artificially intelligent robot designed for the sole purpose of having sex with men.

Decaf: coffee with no caffeine; root beer: beer with no alcohol; online dating: love without the fall; sex robot: pleasure without the fall and without the involvement of another human. This is the life of Fluffy. A life where everything is played safely. The post-modern life.

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Behind closed doors




Behind every closed door is a story, some of its chapters are happy and others are sad. The heroes are familiar people, might be a friend or an acquaintance. Most of the times, those stories are left untold, because who would speak about family issues?

Within those closed doors are another closed one, where a person suffers silently from these issues. But when morning comes, that person wakes up, opens the closed door and walks out of it, like nothing is wrong.

Those are the strongest people, who manage to leave their troubles behind the closed doors. The kind who can still listen to your problems without disparaging them, they listen even when they have got troubles on their own. They care and they never belittle anyone’s ache because they know quite well what it feels like to suffer in silence.

Behind closed doors are secrets that people exert so much effort to keep them tucked inside, to keep those aches and sufferings hidden away from people.

This is why, always be gentle with people; because you will never know their stories, their sorrows, their pain. And when someone opens the door to you and allows you in, help them clear the mess, replace the aches with comfort and help create a safer haven for them. Because trust me when I tell you that it’s never easy for someone to share the things that happen behind closed doors, it’s never easy for strong people to admit that they need help after living independently for years.

I know that when they open up, they’ll seem so sad to you, so broken and damaged. But they weren’t always like this. They had light in them that is now dimmed with all the issues they face, and all they need is someone who understands, to be there for them, to help bring out the light.

So be patient with the broken, don’t give up on them; because they have only come this way after giving out pieces of themselves to all those in need for comfort, a word of advice, or even a shoulder to lean on.



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Anti-bullying starts from home




Recently, a video of a girl being made to walk to school in a freezing temperature, has provoked a debate on parenting. The walk was a part of her punishment for bullying a kid on the bus, the video was filmed by her father who followed her in his car.

Ten-year old Kristen was reported for bullying a kid on the school bus for the second time and thus got denied from riding the bus, when she asked her father to give her a ride to school, that was when he decided that enough is enough. And decided to punish her by making her walk 5 miles to school, and of course for security measures, he drove along with her and filmed her walk.

Matt, the father, while filming his daughter, explained the incident then added: “A lot of children today feel that the things their parents do for them is a right and not a privilege, such as parents taking their children to school in the morning or even bus rides to school.”

The video of course then created an ethical dilemma, and with a 15 million times view, the comments were more than 62 thousands! some of which praised his act and others believed that this is fighting bullying by bullying.

Now you might also not agree with his method, but let’s take the experience to Egypt and think thoroughly. Many parents hate to believe that their kids are wrong, when a parent is asked to come to school, they are quick to defend their children and justifying their actions. Others are quick to take action and punish their kids without hearing them out, which creates a gap between them and their children.

The father’s method might not appeal to all parents, but at least an action was taken and a lesson was learned, the kid would have never really learned the consequences of her actions if she was simply been given another ride for school.

We blame children for bullying and we really never understood why, what triggered such a behavior?

Teach your children to love and accept everyone, that what they have got better than others in life is a privilege and not a right, something they should feel grateful for. Teach them that it’s okay to say sorry, that it has nothing to do with their ego.

Support and tough love start from home, valued lesson on how to love and accept people start from home. The values they acquire in their early years stick with them for a lifetime, I have grown friends who don’t apologize because saying sorry hurts their ego. I have friends who look poorly at others because they weren’t given the same opportunities in life.

And I have friends who were raised to earn the privileges given to them, who were raised on certain values and treat people equally. Some do it unconsciously because they attained these values from simply watching their parents do it, and those people are the best, so raise more of them.




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Am I Perfect? Are You Perfect?




What is it to be perfect? What is perfection? How can a word so common amongst the masses of people be also understood by some to be referring to that which does not exist?

Of course perfection exists. My mom is perfect. My dad too. And other things are perfect as well, like my favorite meal. But wait, how can my parents be perfect at the same time as when I, at times, see other parents and I would wish my parents were like them? Well, my favorite meal is that which my mom makes, and is definitely perfect–at least when my mom makes it. Yet what if I find that my best friend’s mom makes it better? Or even more radically, what if I find out that sushi tastes a thousand times better than that which I consider perfect, and is my favorite meal? Then in that case, my perfect meal would no longer be perfect; I would have discovered that which is more perfect. And so too my parents: no matter how many particular characteristics I would want my parents to have, each time they acquired one, I’d still find myself thinking that other parents have at least one more characteristic that makes them more perfect.

This notion that the measurement of perfection is constantly changing, I find specifically interesting. Even if we reach that level which we had labeled as being perfect, we reach it and do not end up finding perfection. Let us consider an example. Suppose that my girlfriend asks me about my opinion with regards to her body. I respond by saying “if you lose two pounds, you will be perfect.” Now, suppose that my girlfriend lost those two pounds and some time later approaches me with the same question, but this time I reply saying that her body is amazing, but she needs to work on her butt. So, what has happened here?

I claim that we create the state of what we call “perfection” when we recognize that something could improve, or could change to the “better.” In other words, when I tell my girlfriend that losing two pounds would lead her to having the perfect body, I thereby create a mirage of perfection. An illusory state of affairs that is never really attained. Because once my girlfriend has dropped those two pounds, I would want her to work on her butt, for that would lead her to be more perfect.

So what can we do? How can we perceive this notion of perfection? I suggest that we need to refine our notion of what perfection is. The obvious issue here is the mirage. We would have to create a notion of perfection that cannot be altered by a change in state of affairs. So to use my previous example, my girlfriend is good enough the way she is now–her weight is perfect. Dropping two pounds would not make her perfect; dropping two pounds would rather place me in a position where I start to look for other things that would make her perfect. But there remains to know the difference between that which is perfect, and that which is good enough. I don’t know whether or not such a difference exists, but I do know that something that is not sustainable cannot be perfect.

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