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A Glimpse Inside Riham Abdel Ghaffour Mind!!!



In the interview, Riham opens up about different aspects of her life. Whether it is food, cars, or the sound of her favorite animal. Riham takes us through a fun, and humorous interview.

Riham indulges in several things that she loves about life, beginning with food. When asked about her favorite meal, she does not hesitate to tell us that it is pasta.”I love food very much! and my favorite meal is pasta.” Another thing she is very much into are dogs. “My favorite animal are dogs.” To our surprise, Riham decides to favor us with a melody of a dog sound upon asking her if she could.

In the interview, Riham is asked whether she likes cars. “I do like cars, but I’m not obsessed with them. I also like fashion brands, but not to the point of obsession.” Riham states that though she might like brands, she would not wear them for the sake of a brand’s name. “I could walk into Zara and buy something from there. Or I could go buy something from bavali. It depends on the item a lot more than the brand.” Riham adds that she does not consider herself confined with fashion. “I would try a fashion trend, but I would not necessarily wear it. It would depend on whether or not I like it; I am not a fashion victim.”

Riham talks about her dresses during the Gouna Film Festival and commends the designers. “at the opening, I wore a dress designed by Farida Temraza. As for the closing, the dress I wore was designed by Norine Farah.”


Riham admits that the funnies criticism she has received was about her body. “I was wearing a dress that was open near my belly, so someone made the remark ‘she is dressed up like this due to her extreme fit body.’ I started thinking about it and said to myself: “wow, he thinks I’m that fit?!” But it is okay. I do not take these topics too personally.”

In the interview, Riham is asked if she gets confused for other celebrities, to which she answers: “yes, Nour and Dorra. Either Nour, or Dorra. And I think this happens to all three of us.” In addition to being asked the typical question of “what the latest work” is.

Riham is asked to speak about her experience in Souq El-Goma. “I am very pleased with the experience I had in Souq El-Goma. Mr. Sameh is one of the people I respect the most, because he sees me doing roles that are not alike. I’ve worked with him in “Ramadan Kareem” which was the exact opposite of Souq El-Goma, yet he saw me doing Souq El-Goma which was very different. Even when I was reading the script, I was confused as to how he saw me performing this role. I loved my role, as I am generally a person who likes variety. I do not like performing similar roles. The thing that excites me the most is a role I had never played before, or different from something I had done before.”



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The Cool, Funny, And Entrepreneur Ramez Youssef



We enjoyed our interview with Ramez Youssef big time. We asked him about tayarah, his favourite type of food, and cars.

Ramez gave us the secret that if he got the chance to act 50 shades of grey he wants to act it with Eva Mendes. He answerd us that he loves John Steward and takes him as a role model.

We asked him about the craziest thing he has ever done he said that once he booked a flight and traveled a week without any previous plans neither telling anyone. Regarding his dream destination he wants to visit cuba.

Ramez told us a sad story about the dog he used to have for 16 years, who passed away and since then he cannot have any other dogs. On another note we asked him about his dream future wife he answered that she should understand him, cook well, and be successful in her career.

We enjoyed our interview with Ramez Youssef and here is the full video and pictures. Hope you enjoy it too guys.

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#adventures_boy : Nabil Eissa



Guess who’s here? Yes, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! It’s Nabil Eissa!
So we had a little sit down on the roof with the famous actor, بطة مامي aka Nabil Eissa, and we were honestly surprised to know these facts about him! Keep reading to find out what he told us but first here are a little information about him.

Photographer: Mahmoud Abdel Salam
Stylist: Youmna Moustafa
Outfits From Amna El Shandawily

Nabil is a 39 year old Egyptian performer. His career first started when the Egyptian comedian actor, Mohamed Heneidy, assigned him his debut role in the production of “Ya Ana ya Khalti”. Thereafter his career in cinema progressed.

We were on the edge of our seats to get to know him more! We know how much he adores traveling so we decided to ask him first about which does he prefer, Sahel Or Sinai?

His response was fast, quickly stating that he prefers Sinai. Curiosity kept growing into us so we decided to ask if he would describe himself in a hashtag, what would it be?

Being the ambitious, creative and comedian he is, he chose “#Adventure_Boy” which earned a smile from all of us!

Buzzing with excitement, we decided to ask about what’s the most adventurous thing has he ever done?

With all the enthusiasm in the world, he answered “I’ve traveled all around my country, Egypt. I’ve visited all the eye catching places in Egypt. Also, Asia is quite adventurous itself so, I traveled to some places in Asia such as Thailand and some other islands in Thailand. However, I’m planning to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia soon!”

Being as childish as we could be, we decided to cause a media circus by asking him what kind of superpower will he want to have?

Earning from Nabil a smile, he caught up in the moment and replied, “Definitely teleporting from a country to another! From here to Thailand and from Thailand to the United States in a second, that would be amazing!”

Next, our curiosity couldn’t stop us from asking if he wasn’t an actor, then what would he want to be?

As much as we know how much he appreciates traveling, he said that he would want to work a lot in many fields but what really caught his eye and Nabil being the adventurous boy he is, he wanted to own a yacht and be the captain so he would have the chance to travel all around the world!

A question that we all wanted to ask was, what’s his dream destination?

“I’d like to visit New Zealand and many islands such as Seychelles.” Nabil stated, enthusiasm and ambition clear in his eyes.

Full of anticipation, we bluntly ask about the most beautiful country has he ever visited.

He quickly answers with a smile, “Thailand. To be more precise, an island called Koh Phangan. Also, Koh Tao which is an island in Thailand that is an hour away from Koh Phangan and they’re pretty amazing. I’ve been visiting these two islands every summer for the past three years, just couldn’t get enough of them because how beautiful and affordable they are!”

Grinning, we asked about what he prefers more Mountains or the sea?

Nabil blunts says, “Both of them are amazing but I prefer the sea. It’s just the kind of person I am, I’ve always loved water sports such as scuba diving, diving and lastly, water polo! I always love the water whether it’s the sea or the pool!”

We kind of did get curious about asking why is he living in the roof? His answer was clear to us now that he loves nature. Quoting him, “I can’t live in a closed room, I just like looking at the sky. I love nature, I love trees and I love the sky. I love nature so I’d rather stay in an open area room.”

We couldn’t control ourselves from asking him if people calling him بطة مامي bothers him and honestly, we were praying on the inside that it doesn’t!

Thankfully, it doesn’t!

He laughed and said, “The storyboard was terrific and that’s the reason why I loved the commercial! Of course, I was laughed at in the streets and people calling me “Batet Mamtak” and things like that but I think it’s cool, it’s okay!”

To end this cool and light interview, we asked about what’s his wish for the coming years?

Earning from him a bright smile, he said, “Health and God’s protection, of course! Successful in my job and be loved by many, too! That’s all!”

And we’d like to wish him good luck into his future!

Fun facts about Nabil Eissa:
– He loves cooking!
– He can barbecue excellently!

We had so much fun interviewing this bright, fun, ambitious and adventurous actor and we’d like to thank him so much!

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A Closer Look Into Lojain Omran World



Lojain Omran the prominent Saudi TV presenter who worked in many TV shows including “Good Morning, Arabs”. Lojain has over 6 million followers on Instagram and one of the top fashion icons and influences in the gulf area.

The beautiful inside out welcomed us at her home in Dubai, where we got to chat about everything and anything, from her morning routine to her favorite fashion era.

Lojain can rock any outfit, whether it is casual or classic, she also believes 40s, 50s and 60s were the most fashionable eras that can inspire you till now. The TV star also expressed her love for bright colors because it always gives out positivity and happiness.

“I don’t like to wake up in a rush” said Omran when asked about her morning routine. “I play some music on my phone, I put it under my pillow so the music wouldn’t be too loud, I lay in bed for like 15 minutes and start to think of beautiful my day would be”. Plus, she has no favorite breakfast but she makes sure to start her day with vitamin C and black raisins.

When asked if she ever wore anything embarrassing, Lojain responded that at the beginning of her career she used to wear designs she didn’t really like as a complement to designers. However, Lojain never wears anything she doesn’t like anymore.

Her role model is Oprah Winfrey, “Starting from her struggles to what she achieved today, she is the best TV presenter in the world” Lojain continued.

“I like to try new things to challenge myself”. Said the TV presenter on risk taking. Lojain tried racing, skydiving and ziplining few times; “Anything with high adrenaline, I’m up for it” she mentioned.

The Dazzling Lady shared with us the three things she can’t live without; “Recently, I’ve discovered the ugly truth.. I can’t live without my cell phone; Not just because of social media; I use it to document and record everything, my calendar and schedule. If I want to look for a new info, I go to my phone. I’ve discovered that my phone is a very important yet annoying part of my life. The fashion influencer can’t as well live without music nor the good company.

After a long tiring day, Lojain tends to disconnect from the outside world. “I just put my phone on silent and play music, light up candles and make my favorite tea and I try to disconnect completely. I might as well read a book that I’m sure it would sooth me”

Content and gratitude are the secret ingredients to feeling better, according to the TV presenter. Lojain is always grateful for having supportive family, friends and fans.

Thank you LO for opening up your world for us, we enjoyed the interview and love you so much

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